Illegal Practice

Lindsey and Felix decided to look into this situation further. They found out that the employer went against the rules set by the diner by denying a pregnant woman a chance to work there. In Lindsey’s case, she was denied to even appear for the interview. If an employer denies a job to a person because of any personal reasons, it is recognized as discrimination.

Additional Inquiry

Employment Attorney, Raul Valles, validated that there are laws implemented by the state and federal government which address how an employer cannot dismiss a potential employee on accounts of their pregnancy. Employers should make their decision to hire a candidate by considering their previous work experience and their ability to do the job they are interviewing for. 

Expecting Mothers

According to federal law, employers should ignore the fact that a woman is expecting and allow her to interview. Even with a baby on the way, this should not be a factor for any employer to discourage participation. Distinguishing in any such manner can do more harm than good for the employers. Because the potential employee has the right to sue the company on the account of potential wage loss and emotional damage.


After looking into this matter and attaining the rightful information, Lindsey and Felix were both certain that they have a strong case against the diner. The actions of the diner employer had made them deeply upset. They started contemplating suing him as well as the diner. Many people encouraged Lindsey to go forward with this decision. They had a compelling case, and everyone was aware of it.

Happiness Amidst Chaos

Despite all the chaos which surrounded Lindsey and Felix’s life, they got one news that brought an abundance of joy in their otherwise disturbed life. An ultrasound revealed that Lindsey was carrying a baby girl. 

Suspecting Motives

Lindsey and Felix had yet to decide whether they wanna sue the diner or not. Lindsey had many supporters in the community who rallied behind her for everything she had to endure because of the actions of the diner employer. However, there were a few who questioned her reasons for going after the Reececliff Family Diner.