The Callback

After sending in her resume, Lindsey was eagerly waiting for a response. At last, Lindsey got the news she was waiting to hear. She got a callback and an interview was scheduled for her. The mother-to-be was delighted to get this chance. However, keeping in mind her experiences so far she decided it will be better if she is fully honest with her employer.

The Disclosure

Lindsey decided to tell the employer about her pregnancy thinking its better to keep things clear from the very beginning. She responded to the message that she can come for the interview followed by the fact that she is pregnant and in need of a job. She also stated that it has been difficult to find a job but she is willing to put in as much work as any other employee.

Canceled Interview

After the disclosure of her pregnancy, Lindsey was confident that her employer will appreciate her honesty. To Lindsey’s surprise, it had quite an opposite effect. The employer responded with a message saying she did not need to come down for the interview as the diner will not be going ahead with her hiring process. This news devastated Lindsey. She realized they saw her pregnancy to be a hindrance to their workplace.

No Explanation

The diner did not provide any explanation to Lindsey about why they canceled her interview. She was certain it was because just like every other employer, they did not want to hire a pregnant woman. But what baffled her, even more, was the fact that they did not let her interview. They refused to meet her straight away. She was regretful of her decision to inform them about the pregnancy.

Felix’s Reaction

Lindsey took a screenshot of the texts exchanged between her and the employer of the diner and sent it to Felix. Just like Lindsey, Felix was genuinely upset that the diner was so quick to turn away a potential employee just because she is pregnant. He knew Lindsey was an ideal candidate for the job. Felix was not going to sit around and let them get away with this.

The Social Media Storm

Felix decided to post the screenshot sent by Lindsey on his facebook. His caption read, “Let me just say this is wrong and I’m pretty sure illegal, and they won’t get another dollar from me.” Felix hoped that it would catch the attention of some locals and they would take note of how a family-run establishment could perform such prominent discrimination against a pregnant woman.