For centuries women have been viewed as caretakers of their families, however, in the world that we live in today, this perception is slowly transitioning. Those times are past us when it was only a man’s duty to earn bread for his family. Women have been standing up to this role more and more, to the point where at some households women are acting as the primary earning member. For some women, it is about building their careers while for some it is about lending a helping hand to their partners, and that was the case of Lindsey Wilcox. Lindsey wanted to work in order to share the responsibility of making money with her partner and welcome her baby in a financially secure family. But things took an unexpected turn when Lindsey applied for the job of a waitress at a local diner.

The Unexpected News

Lindsey Wilcox, a resident of Lakeland, Florida, had worked several part-time jobs, after graduating from her high school. She pretty much had her life figured out but things took a turn when she received a piece of unexpected news. She was going to have a baby! This news meant so much to Lindsey but at the same time, it also meant that doing part-time jobs won’t suffice anymore. 

The Boyfriend

Since the fall of 2017, Lindsey had been dating Felix Jimenez. Things were going great between them. Felix could not have been happier that they were expecting a baby. Even though Felix had been an immense support system for Lindsey, both emotionally and financially, they both knew raising a baby is expensive. Ultimately the both wanted one thing, to provide a stable home for their baby.

The Dilemma

Even though both Lindsey and Felix agreed on the fact that Lindsey should look for a job, they knew that finding a job would be difficult because Lindsey’s pregnancy will eventually make any form of work physically challenging for her. So she ultimately decided to find another part-time job. This way, on one hand, she gets to help Felix provide for their growing family, but at the same time, she can also focus on her pregnancy.

The Job Hunt

Lindsey began her search for a new job. To beat the odds, she applied at a bunch of places and sent out oodles of resumes and job applications. But despite her efforts, finding an employer who would hire a pregnant woman was challenging. Even if she managed to get an interview, her growing bump was hard to ignore and ultimately discouraged the employer to hire her.

Stressed And Defeated

After weeks of job hunting and no leads to work with, Lindsey felt defeated. The stress of not being able to provide for her baby was taking a toll on her health. Felix, on the other hand, was optimistic. He knew Lindsey was talented and will get a job sooner or later. Felix’s positivity kept her going and Lindsey decided that giving up is not an option.

An Opportunity

Following her relentless efforts for finding a job, one day Lindsey stumbled upon a great opportunity. She found an advertisement on her Facebook feed from the Reececliff Family Diner. They were looking to hire waiters and waitresses. Lindsey believed this was the perfect opportunity for her as she was already familiar with the diner and she was comfortable with the working hours as well. So she ended up sending her resume to the employer.