Eventful Journey

Wang called out to the store salesperson and asked him to take out the puppy. She had made her decision, this furry baby is going to be her pet now. Little did she know that her decision will have her embark upon an eventful journey. 

Take Me Home

The salesperson took out the puppy and brought him to meet Wang. She was in love with the little guy already. She reached out to pet him but he didn’t seem to respond or understand what is happening. Wang found this reaction slightly odd but didn’t think too much about it when the puppy started licking her hands. He seemed to like her too!


That evening Wang took the puppy to his new home. At first, he didn’t know how to settle in. Wang guessed it is because he has lived in a cage since birth. He is still young so she figured he will get used to this as well and feel more at home eventually. Wang got him some warm milk for dinner and put him in her bed in an attempt to make him familiar with her smell. 


Wang was excited to get her little puppy some toys to play with. She got him a bunch of things including food and water bowls, a bed, and a bunch of toys to chew and play with. She knew young puppies have the urge to chew everything. 

Outdoorsy Baby

Wang noticed that her little pup was more of an outdoor-loving puppy. As much as she would love to cuddle with him in bed, he was more of a roll around in the mud kind of dog. She was not comfortable with letting him sleep outside because he is so tiny. But it took him a long time to get used to his bed. 


Slowly over a few weeks, the little puppy became more and more playful with Wang. She gradually got him used to dog food and taught him little tricks. Despite the endless number of toys, his favorite thing to nibble on was Wang’s sweater sleeves. He loved to follow her around the house. Wang was happy to see this progress in the tiny one.