3 Months Later

Over the course of 3 months, the puppy had grown up beautifully. A lot has changed about him in the past couple of months. The fluffy fur grew thicker over the past couple of months and the tiny tail grew into a long more bushy tail. For some reason, he was no longer into dog food. All these changes were making Wang utterly confused and curious.


Wang loved to take out her new puppy to the dog park and let him run around. But the one thing which she noticed was how her puppy never got along with other dogs. It was as if they were almost scared of him. As a result, Wang had to put a leash on him when they went for walks. She couldn’t understand what was so ferocious about the tiny being. 

Red Flags

As the puppy started growing bigger, Wang noticed all the minor changes that would make him stand out from other puppies and dogs. His behavior was putting up multiple red flags. He didn’t enjoy dog food anymore, he didn’t mingle with other dogs, more like scared them. And the weirdest thing out of all was that she had never heard him bark.

Changing His Food

Wang assumed maybe the puppy has grown up in three months and that’s why he didn’t enjoy this particular dog food. The food catered to younger puppies and she thought if she replaced it with big dog food, things will be fine. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work that way because her puppy refused to eat that as well.

Wrong Breed?

Wang had a feeling that this dog might not be a Japanese Spitz but a mixed breed instead. Because as far as she knew, this particular breed of dogs was affectionate and they loved to cuddle. But her dog was not really the cuddling type. He preferred to sleep alone, and was not much of a “catch” player either. Despite the various tricks that Wang taught him when he was younger, he didn’t seem to participate in any of those now.

Making A Decision

Wang decided to get some expert opinion about her dog. She has to find out why he is acting weird and making other dogs uncomfortable. His change in appetite and features were also a matter of concern. Wang decided to take her pet to a vet and get him checked for any medical condition or health issue.