Wet nose, wagging tail, companion, loyal- what is the one word which comes to our mind when we read these words? Dogs, better known as “man’s best friend”. They bring a kind of happiness in your life which cannot be substituted. They add fun to mundane activities, like going for a walk, taking a nap, eating a meal, etc. Adopting a dog is one of the purest forms of joy a person can experience.

Ms. Wang, a citizen of China, experienced this joy when she got herself a little puppy! She made the most amazing memories while raising him. She trained the puppy, got him groomed, took him to the park, bought him all kinds of toys. However, as time went by she started noticing little things about him that raised some red flags.

Pet Shop

The pet shop was crammed between two tall buildings. Wang was sitting inside her car, waiting for the store to open. She had gathered the courage after weeks of procrastination and finally got herself out of bed. Ever since she got her own house, people have been suggesting her to get a pet to keep her occupied and fill the space. 


Wang knew that getting a pet will be a huge responsibility for her. She didn’t mean to imply that she was not ready for that kind of responsibility but she was nervous. Because she will be responsible for a life, looking after it, feeding it, bathing it, etc. She already had her eyes on a particular pet though.


She has always been an animal lover, so more than nervous, she was excited. She is tired of coming back to an empty home, and it will be nice to have someone greet you and wait for you and be happy about your arrival. Wang knew it will be slightly difficult, managing to take care of a pet when she is working full time. But the challenge didn’t faze her.


The store sign changed to “Open” and that was Wang’s cue to rush inside. The bell on the door jingled as she entered the store. As expected, the store was empty. Wang knew she is early but she couldn’t put this off any longer. She decided to take a look around. There were all kinds of animals here, some she didn’t even know people could keep as pets. 


The glass jars showcased snakes, frogs, turtles, and hamsters. The birds in the cages started chirping at the sight of a visitor. Wang had to make a decision, she had to pick an animal and take it home. She has always been a dog person so her choice was not that complex after all. She had a rough idea about what kind of dog she wanted.

Japanese Spitz

Wang wanted to take home a Japanese Spitz dog, and her eyes spotted the one she wanted. It was a tiny white-colored fluffy puppy. It was asleep and rolled up into a little white cloud. Wang reached its cage and the puppy opened its eyes slowly. It had the most beautiful blue eyes. She knew her search ends here. She is going to take this puppy home.