The difference in heights between couples is endearing at best. There are so many perks to having a taller significant other. They can reach the elusive top shelf of cabinets easily. Snuggling into the arms of your taller better half is the best feeling in the world probably. But this Georgia wife had some interesting qualms about her tall husband.

She was sick of his beard!

Image: YouTube/Rachael Ray Show

Connie Herman disliked her husband’s beard with a passion. Tall enough to only reach the bottom of her husband’s chin, she longed to see the face of the man she had fallen in love with once more, which was obscured by the ungainly growth. After continual failed efforts to get him to shave, she was resigned to her fate of never to be able to properly see his face.

He was a brewmaster

Image: Facebook/Travis Herman

Travis Herman hails from Atlanta, Georgia where he lives with his adoring wife Connie and their two young sons in the suburbs. With his expertise in brewing skills, experience and qualifications, Herman co-founded a craft ale producing business, the Scofflaw Brewing Company in Atlanta.

His look suited his job

Image: YouTube/Rachael Ray Show

Keeping his beard long and bushy, accompanied by a casual, yet functional style of clothing, he sported a very backwoodsman look. His hair was similarly unkempt, kept at bay by giving regular buzzcuts.  Which suited his job as brewmaster and brewery owner perfectly. His unbothered look was no doubt a big hit with the beer hipsters visiting the Scofflaw Brewing Co.’s taproom and brewery.

But Connie was no fan of it

Image: YouTube/Rachael Ray Show

However, Connie was no fan of his look. He confessed, “My wife thinks my beard is a little bit unruly.” He continued, “You have to brush it to keep it looking somewhat right, and you end up leaving a little trail of hair everywhere. It drives her insane to see it in the sink.”

It was time for a makeover!

Image: YouTube/Rachael Ray Show

Herman knew he had to do the inevitable to win the affections of his lady love back. So, Travis enlisted the help of a makeover team from daytime TV magazine program the Rachel Ray Show. Personal groomer Kyan Douglas – who lead the makeover section of the show – agreed to turn Herman from shabby to chic. That too, in the middle of the night!

Kyan Douglas, the celebrity makeover guru

Image: YouTube/Rachael Ray Show

Having worked as the grooming expert on the hit TV program Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Kyan Douglas’ rise to fame was quick. Currently working as part of the Rachel Ray Show, Douglas has done more than 400 makeovers. However, regarding Herman’s secret transformation in the middle of the night, Douglas confessed, “We have never done anything like this.”