Rushing To The Hospital

Robert took Breanna to the hospital and while the couple waited for their turn, fears started to make roots inside their heart. The reason behind this strange ache was scaring the couple. Those few minutes felt like long hours…

Immediately Admitting

The doctor took Breanna inside and after an hour of tests, they were sure that they were dealing with a critical situation. Breanna was immediately admitted and taken to the emergency room. Robert was losing his calm and asked the doctor what was going on. The doctor took him another room and explained to him the saddening truth.

Bad News

Robert’s blood froze when the doctor told him that his wife wasn’t having any ordinary pain. His unborn baby was struggling inside its mother’s womb and with every passing second, the risk on its life was increasing. But what the doctors were up to?

The Unborn’s Struggle

As it appeared that Breanna’s unborn child got twisted in a strange position and the little baby was on the verge of getting chocked inside the womb. There was only one possible way to save the child’s life in this scenario and that was immediate labor.


The doctor further explained that all this while, Breanna was having contractions before moving into labor. However, it was obvious that she could’ve guessed it to be labor pain in the fifth month of her pregnancy. Robert’s family was in danger and all he could do was to pray for both his wife and baby to be safe. 

The Critical Hours

The doctor went into the delivery room and Robert accompanied Breanna. The couple wasn’t ready for all this but now that it was happening, they had no other choice but to think of the wellbeing of their child. When the baby was born, it didn’t cry and that made everyone nervous.