Four Months Old

The doctors helped the baby in breathing while Breanna and Robert watched holding their breath. After a few minutes, the baby was breathing but wasn’t out of danger. The baby was born 4 months before the date that was due to be delivered. Also, Breanne and Robert’s trouble weren’t over.


The just-born weighed just 2 pounds which meant it was extremely underweight. Knowing their premature baby’s condition, Breanna and Robert were devastated.  And this wasn’t all of their stress. The doctor described the entire situation to the parents and how they weren’t allowed to hold the just born in their arms. 

Stay In The Hospital

The kid was named, Carter Lee Lopez and the doctors couldn’t discharge him in this state.  The baby had some kidney problems and staying under 24*7 observation of the doctors was his only chance to survive. 

Weight Falling

Little Carter was kept under observation while his mother was discharged. Breanna didn’t want to leave him struggling in the hospital and requested if she could stay there with him. The doctors insisted on her taking rest and visit her son daily. In the next few days, the kid’s weight dropped down to 1 pound, 11 ounces and he had a kidney shut down.

Carter Lee Lopez

“I was told that he might not survive. That was the scariest day of my life, the thought of my son not surviving a day to see the love this world would bring him,” recalled Breanna the day when all this happened. Robert stood by Breanna’s side all this while. Sadly, he himself was on the verge of breaking down.

Back And Forth

Robert and Breanna were visiting their baby every day. Every morning, Robert used to see his boy and drop Breanna in the hospital. Breanna stayed outside the nursery praying for her little one’s recovery. She wouldn’t leave the hospital until Robert would come to pick her up at the end of the day after his office hours.