A pet lover would get it immediately when we say that they make us really happy. They comfort us when we feel down and they never judge the way we look or how much we have in our pockets. Because they show us, unconditional love, pets really are one of the most precious things one could ever own. It would be very unlikely to see someone who owns a dog and let it run free with no surveillance or guidance. We mostly keep our dogs on a leash so that they do not get excited at the spur of the moment and scram. Some dogs are also easily frightened so they always need their owners’ company when they are in public. Eclipse the Labrador, on the other hand, loves to ride the bus every day, all alone. The reason for this is very shocking to read through to see what make this adorable dog go alone on bus rides every day…

The Dog Days

This dog that we are about to read about lives in the state of Seattle. The state is quite happy to have this dog in their territory as she has made a name for herself for doing something no other dog has ever been reported as doing before. Eclipse, the black Labrador likes to spend time every day to go and ride the local bus all alone without the help of her owners. This is a very strange sight to see because there has certainly never been a dog that is smart enough to travel alone on the bus, that too on purpose, ever, right? Eclipse has made headlines and sparked the curiosity of many people to know what makes her love the ride so much and why this has become a ritual for her. This beautiful black lab has definitely made people question how a canine could be so smart to actually travel like a human being. She is seriously one special dog that must have a reason for doing this every day…

A Driving Dog

Eclipse is certainly not like any other dog even when it comes to appearance as well. Her uniqueness can be seen as soon as you see how she looks. She is actually a crossbreed so she has characteristics of two dog breeds making her all the more lovable. We all know how popular Labradors and Retrievers are with families and Eclipse is no different. People often approach her just to pet her because they cannot resist how sweet she is. Eclipse is actually a cross between a black Labrador and a Mastiff. She is as we have mentioned one of the main topics of discussion in Seattle. This weird dog that takes the local bus ride every day is so special and unique that many media houses have taken interest in her. Well, with such a strange habit like this she was bound to become a viral sensation in no time right? So indeed she has been covered by many news channels and media outlets because people really do want to know about the story as to why she loves to take bus rides every day. Certainly, there must be something that drives her to do this regularly.

A Chill Canine

If you want to know the real story behind why this special dog loves to travel in the bus, well do not worry because we will let you in on just how this all started in the first place. You would not believe how Eclipse was first introduced to bus ride by her dear owner whose name is Jeff Young. The story of the dog that loves to travel alone on the bus began a few months ago when Eclipse had been taken to the bus stop by Jeff her owner. These two as you would have imagined are very close so when Jeff has free time he would always take Eclipse to go out or plan an activity with her. This time it was no different as the pair were headed to spend some quality time at the local park in Seattle. Jeff wanted to give Eclipse some space and time so that she could run around freely and play about as much as she wants because his house is not able to give all the liberty a park could give Eclipse.

Waiting Worries

As we all know most dogs are very impatient. they want to do what they want to do then and there and are not bound by man-made restrictions like time. Eclipse was ready for her playtime in the park and was already really pumped to be absolutely free and running in the grass. Nothing pleased Eclipse more than a little recreational time with her owner Jeff. As humans, we usually have a bad habit or a vice that sometimes stalls us from starting or finishing something. Even Jeff likes to smoke cigarettes and that time he needed to smoke a fag. This made Eclipse grow very impatient to a point where she did not want to wait any longer. She had had enough of waiting for Jeff to finish smoking his cigarette. As the impatience grew more and more something happened that was totally spontaneous.

Off We Go!

Like most dogs act on their instinct, Eclipse was no exception as she quickly acted on an impulse that made her decide to run quickly. The dog could not be the patient obedient dog she was as her impatience got the best of her. Jeff was taking too long to finish his smoke and she wanted to play as quickly as possible. Can you honestly blame the dog for being so excited? After Eclipse made a dash, she quickly got on the bus that was standing at the bus stop. She did not even wait for Jeff to follow or make a move. The dog was so fed up of waiting that she took matters into her own hands, leaving her master behind in the place where he was smoking a cigarette. Was the dog hungry for some dog food? Jeff Young just stood there puzzled by what had happened, trying to comprehend why his dog had decided to abandon him by getting on the bus.

Park Bound

Eclipse was already riding on the bus leaving behind her owner Jeff to wonder why she could have done such a thing. How would you feel if ever you pet decides to ditch you in a public place to go and do something that does not concern you? Would it definitely be devastating to see your pet leave you behind right? But then again, Jeff had been keeping Eclipse waiting for so long that it drove her to make a decision on her own so he cannot play the victim. Eclipse must have paid attention to their previous trips as she knew this bus goes to the park where she got off. She was later seen strolling and running about not having a care in the world. Back at the bus stop, Jeff was still left transfixed by what had just gone down. He was looking for reasons why his beloved dog would ever ditch him like that.