One of the more popular tourist activities lately when visiting the beach or a lake is to take a boat tour. Whether you want to see the indigenous aquatic life in a lake, or the much larger dolphins, whales or sometimes even sharks, in the sea, this type of excursion is quite popular for those taking a cruise or a coastal vacation, or just out taking a trip to the local lake.

An Unexpected Plunge


For one woman, her seemingly normal trip out on a boat would take a turn for the unexpected when her phone took a disastrous dip in the sea. With the beloved piece of technology supposedly gone forever, she had no hope of seeing it again. But she did end up getting it back. However, it was what returned her phone that was even more shocking!

A Fun Day on the Water


Dancer for the professional American basketball team – Miami Heat – Teressa Cee was simply looking for a fun day on the beach with her friends. Spending her vacation in the Bahamas, she had booked a popular boat tour for a fun day with the dolphins, which included, watching them from a close proximity, and even swimming with them. Of course, things hardly go according to plan. 

Fun in the Water


The day had started out perfectly. The sun was warm and shining, people were enjoying themselves, and the company was blissful. Even the dolphins seemed to be very chipper. It was the ideal day for their boat tour. Everything seemed to be going splendidly. But things have a way of going awry. And sadly, Teressa was about to get a first-hand experience of it.

The Lone Phone


Out on their much-awaited excursion, Teressa was having a lot of fun. While busy playing in the water with her newfound aquatic friends, she had decided to leave her phone in the boat. Bringing an electronic device into the water with her would obviously be a foolish choice. Of course, it was not the best possible thing to do, as Teresa was soon about to find out.

Into the Depths


Regrettably, for Teressa, one of her friends ended up accidentally knocking her phone into the water. While all she could do was stand and watch in horror as it plunged into the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. She might as well have brought it along with her in the water if that was where it was going to end up anyway. Leaving the phone in the safety of the boat turned out to be futile.

One Smart Dolphin


Teresa was convinced that that was the last time she was going to see her phone. With the surmounting amount of data and memories saved in it, she was sad to see it go. However, in the meantime, one of the dolphins that the group was swimming with, took notice of the strange object splashing into its domain. Curiosity taking over, the dolphin dove down to the bottom of the ocean to retrieve it. What could it possibly be doing?