Breanne had just got associated with Uber, a ride-sharing company. A lot of things were going on in Bre’s life. Whereas she had taken up this new job her boyfriend was deeply stressed about his mother’s health. His mother was admitted to hospital and he had to fly back to Newyork to see her. The guy took the flight the very next day and now Bre was all on her own. Just after an hour of her boyfriend’s departure, she picks a woman from the airport. The woman had come to the city for the very first time.

She fed in the address where she wanted to go. Bre kickstarts the car and drives towards the destination. Little did the woman know that this ride was going to change her life completely. Bre later to be known as Uberbae learned a truth during this ride.

Together Like Always

Bre and her boyfriend were together for quite a long time now. Bre used to work with a ride-sharing company, Uber. She had a hectic life as driving for the ride-sharing company was one of the several jobs she was doing at that time. Despite that, she would always find time for her boyfriend.

Instant Attraction

They met through a common friend. The man and the woman felt an instant attraction towards each other. It was love at first sight. No wonder, they began dating just after their first meet. They very much enjoyed their time with each other. Soon, the man confessed his feelings for her and the duo switched their casual dating into a committed relationship.  

Not Enough

Even though the couple would spend their free time with each other, they would never get enough time to spend due to their workload. Whereas the woman stayed busy juggling with her many jobs, the man remained occupied in his professional life. Nevertheless, they would manage to make time to hang out together.

All Expected

Everything was going smoothly in the couple’s life and Bre was finally thinking of settling down with him when the man shared bad news with her. His mother was very ill and was admitted to the hospital. The man needed to return home to see his mom. Everything happened all of a sudden. 

Flying Home

Bre who wanted to discuss their future with him that day decided to put it on a halt. He looked very emotional and sad. He also had booked a flight ticket to head back New York. He was leaving for home the very next day. The woman decided to stay with him for the whole night.

Luggage Packed

He already had packed all his luggage and was waiting for the night to get over. The woman herself was feeling bad for her boyfriend. Living away from your parents is painful but what more agonizing is not being able to be with your parents at their tough times. Bre sympathized with him.