No need to say that the family is the most integral part of one’s life. Any problem in the family affects us a lot. Her boyfriend too was extremely worried. Bre tried her best to comfort him. 

Focused On Work

So now as the man was going to be away for some time, she planned on making some more money by driving for more hours. Little did the woman know, her plans were going to give her a big blow of her life. 

Time To Leave

They woke up to a sunny morning. Bre’s boyfriend was all set to leave for the airport. The duo exited the apartment together and headed to her boyfriend’s car. Bre hugged him tight and told him everything was going to be fine. Her boyfriend kissed her BYE and got in his car whereas Bre walked towards her vehicle.

Major Missing

Bre herself had started missing her boyfriend the second he left. However, she got back to her work. An hour had gone by and she was still missing him. The woman wanted to call him but she had to wait until the man got off his plane. She was lost in her thought when she heard a beep on her phone.    

Time To Work

It was a customer. She had to pick a customer from the airport. Bre unaware of the coming surprise drove off to the airport. She did not have much trouble finding the woman as she was already waiting for her. The woman was in her late 20s. She picked her up and steered away from the airport. The woman had fed in the apartment complex number in the GPS. 

The Passenger

The passenger was quite chatty. She did not live in the city but had come to visit her boyfriend. As they had not met for a long time she was very excited to see him. She even could not help but share her excitement with the driver. She told her how much was she missed her boyfriend.