Hit By A Cupid

Robertson didn’t realize that he had started to fall for the nurse who was assigned as his caretaker. The feelings were mutual and at one point Robertson dropped the idea of leaving the nurse behind as he was so much in love with the nurse. The nurse was trying her best to make him stronger but was reluctant to do it because she knew what would happen after the authorities would find out about his health condition. But it wasn’t the medicine but love that made Roberston fight for her and his life. We are not making up the story as it really happened. But he had to choose between his freedom and love.

Freedom? Or Love?

They say, “freedom sets us free.” We agree, but in Robertson’s case, it was completely different. He wanted to get out of the hell and also wanted to take the nurse with him. But it wasn’t easy. He didn’t tell her his plan because he thought that this all might be authorities’ plan to make him talk. But it wasn’t true and one day he decided to tell her everything. With all the courage in his heart, he held her hand and spoke his heart out as it was the last time he was talking to her. Indeed it was…