Two Years And Counting

“There were nights, horrible nights that I wondered, especially after big storms,” he had said in an interview back in 2016. “But something told me that he’d make it.” It was over two years that Ballato had to look for poor Bosco.

Too Far Away

Then Ballato later received a message on Facebook that came from a Rhode Island cop. The officer told Ballato that they had spotted Bosco in a parking lot close by. He was over the moon after he heard the news but he was staying so far away to get him now.

A Pet Detective

Then the poor owner came across Sheilah Graham. Graham is a Department of Homeland Security worker and a part-time pet detective. So Ballato sent a message to Sheilah through Facebook, she quickly devised a plan to rescue little Bosco.

Efforts To Capture Bosco

Graham made use of cameras to help keep track of Bosco’s whereabouts. Later she found that the best way to grab Bosco’s attention was using food. So then arranged food items like steaks, French fries, and cheeseburgers, all the way to a trap.

The Final Capture

“Bosco played a good game of chess,” Graham spoke about her tactics. “But I love chess, so it’s just a matter of narrowing down his playing field.” The dog could finally be captured in the detective’s hands by March of 2016.

Bosco Interrupted Graham

Graham was super excited to bring the news to Ballato that she had indeed managed to successfully lure Bosco. Even before she could inform him about the good news, Bosco interrupted her. The dog could not contain his excitement upon hearing his master’s voice once again and howled like anything.