Nothing In Common

Donna was expecting her fourth child with husband Vince Aylmer. Naturally, they were very excited about this.  Their ecstasy doubled when the couple learned that Donna was carrying twins. They couldn’t have been happier. Then the moment arrived when she gave birth to the twins. That was indeed a very confusing moment, twins perplexed every individual who saw them. They were not identical at all.

Representing Different Ethnic Group

Donna and Vince are divorced now and co-parents the twins. Maria and Lucy were born in Gloucester, England on January 16, 1997. Their parents belonged to the different ethnic groups that clearly influenced the skin color of the twins. See next slide to know to what extent this ethnic differentiation impacted their life.

Why So Different?

How do this twins manage to be so different from each other? The credit for this goes to the parents of the twins. Donna whereas is half Jamaican his now estranged husband is Caucasian. The difference in their ethnic background resulted in their twins being strikingly dissimilar. At the time of delivery, Donna was 49-year-old and was working as a warehouse worker whereas Vince was 55-year-old scaffolder.

Black And White

They have nothing in common except their birth date. Unlike identical twins, these fraternal twins were born from separate eggs that prevented them from inheriting the same exact genes. Their mother held a mixed Jamaican heritage. She held both Afro-Caribbean and white skin. That is why both the twins possessed different skin color.   

Girls On Their Differences

The twins were well aware of their parent’s astonishment. Lucy (left) revealed her mother’s reaction to Daily Mail “It was such a shock for her because things like skin color don’t show up on scans before birth. So she had no idea that we were so different. When the midwife handed us both to her she was just speechless.”

Same Outfits For Not So Same Girls

Donna used to dress the twins in same outfits. It was enough to confuse the people who did not know them. The girls too did not like their mother’s decision of making them wear identical clothes. Though they cooperated with their mother’s choice for a while but soon gave up as they could not see any reason for donning similar outfit when they themselves were not similar at all.