The funny thing about life is that it’s never the same, and it often takes a 180 when we least expect it. What may come across as unpleasant in the beginning might bear sweet fruits in the future. There’s a  reason why they say “Bitter pills may have blessed effects.”

This is the story of two lovebirds from Ohio- Mandi and Tyler, who like any other couple, had dreamt of bringing up a child. They walked on a long road to complete their family, but what their son-to-be did at the hearing, became the most unexpected moment of their life.

Nerve-Racking Day

Mandi and Tyler were put to the biggest test a parent could possibly go through, they had lived the past 17 months without their toddler Hunter. A year of hard work and perseverance and they made to this particular day that would decide the fate of their family. They stood in the courtroom, silent, controlling their emotions, not knowing they were about to witness the most remarkable moment in their lives.