A Warning From the Dog

As soon as Alhanna Butler got pregnant with her first baby, their dog would not keep quiet following her inside her room. Initially, she was quite pleased that her dog was taking such a keen interest in her but later found that it was in fact, a warning.

Getting A New Dog

Alhanna and her husband Ricky reside in Doncaster in England. They had been dating since high school, got married and now expecting their first born. Before starting a family, they wanted to learn responsibility so they got a dog.

 Choosing The Breed

They contemplated on getting the best breed for the family’s convenience. They decided to get an Akita, a smart breed that hails from Japan as their pet. The dogs are said to be quite protective of their owners. The Butlers knew this was the dog for them.

Picking The Gender

In 2014, they went to a local pet store to go and see an Akita in action. They first planned on getting a male dog but settled instead with the sister. According to Alhanna and Ricky, the lovable pup “chose them.” So, they named her Keola and headed out with a new member of the family.

Having Trouble Conceiving

Keola got comfortable quite quickly. And after acting as mom and dad to their beloved dog for eight months, Alhanna and Ricky decided to expand their brood once more. Their luck at trying to conceive a baby was not going well though.

 Alhanna Explains Her Issues

Explaining their emotional journey, Alhanna told the Mirror in 2016, “We did test after test but with no luck. They just kept coming up negative.” In the end, the couple grew impatient. “One day I had binned a negative test and gone out shopping,” she said.