A Shocking Pregnancy

This Dalmatian dog’s pregnancy shocked the doctors and animal experts of Australia. When she gave birth in May 2017, the size of her belly was really huge. It is a case which took place in Ballarat, Australia. When the moment of her delivery came, no one was expecting the things which transpired next.   

CCDalmations And their objectives

Cecilia Langton-Bunker, aged 43, is a dog breeder by profession. She is a resident of Ballarat, a town in Victoria, Australia. She is a specialist of Dalmatian breed. It’s been more than 25 years when she started working with the breed. Four years back, Cecilia began her own business and named it as CCDalmatians. They specialized not only in breeding but also in training them for the shows as well. 

The Pregnancy

This intriguing story began with her first case as a breeder itself. She brought in two Dalmatians, and their names were, Sarasota from Russia with love and Astro Wonder Boy. She renamed them as Miley and Astro for short. In early 2017, Miley started to gain weight which raised suspicion in Cecilia. On further examination, it was found out that Miley was pregnant. But what shocked everyone was the report of Miley’s enlarged belly scans. 

A Doubtful Cecilia

The ultrasound reports revealed that Miley was carrying just three puppies in her belly. But Cecilia was doubtful over that, especially considering the size of her belly. In an interview to local TV station 9 News Melbourne, she explained, “Initially, the vet said there was going to be three, but I knew there would be more than that and thought there would be 15 or 16.” She then added, “Normally, Dalmatians have eight to ten puppies, and first-time moms usually have less.”

A World Record For Miley

Miley was rushed to the vet early in the morning around 7 am and was directly taken to the Operation Theatre but she didn’t give birth until past 8:30 pm. After that, she gave birth at almost every hour. After all the deliveries, the final count was 18. An excited Cecilia said, “We got to 16 and thought she was done. After 13 and a half hours of labor, it was quite amazing, she popped out another two.”  With this, she became a world record holder of delivering maximum Dalmatian pups in one litter. 

Miley was Exhaustive, But Astro was Ecstatic

Miley looked a bit exhaustive after giving births to 18 puppies in one go. Cecilia told the 9 News channel, “We realized when the last one was born we had something amazing.” She further added, “It’s absolutely superb, I couldn’t be happier with the litter.” Astro seemed to be ecstatic as well. Cecilia smirked, “He’s a bit disconcerted by the 18 puppies running around. He’s like, ‘Are these all mine?’”