Tom Selleck is a well-renowned name in Tinseltown. If you have even a little knowledge of Hollywood, you would surely have come across the name. He stepped into the showbiz in 1965 and has been dominating the industry since then. One thing to note about this towering personality is that he likes to keep his personal life private. But he amazed everyone when he made a surprising announcement about his personal life.


Tom Selleck had a humble beginning. He was born on January 25, 1945, in Detroit, Michigan to Martha Selleck, a housewife, and Robert Dean. Despite the fact that Tom had a big family with three siblings, he was an introvert by nature. As they say, actions speak more than words everyone around him knew that he was going to do something big. However, little did they know he was going to do something way bigger than their assumptions. 

Full Of Talent

Tom was a whiz kid. He always remained ahead in everything he did. Tom did his major in business administration from one of the world-renowned  University of Southern California. Admirably, Tom’s proficiency in basketball won him scholarships that ultimately paid for his expensive studies. That was not the only way he mustered up cash. There was one more.


Tom had always been confident about his looks and toned body. After entering the college he got himself a glamorous job in no time. He took up the job of a model in order to make extra cash. This side job was also important because while working as a model he came across an acting coach who motivated him to give a shot in the entertainment industry. 

Journey Began

The man had successfully seeded the desire of becoming an actor in the heart of Tom. Tom, on the other hand, began to fantasize about the glamorous entertainment industry. By the time his graduation ended, he had decided what he wanted to do next. Just after completing his graduation he enrolled himself in Beverly Hills Playhouse to study acting. The man had rightly recognized the potential of the would be “Thomas Magnum.”

Big Leap

Luckily the way towards the industry was not as thorny as it was expected by him. In fact, it seemed as if the entertainment industry was waiting for him. Some people have to work day and night to fit in the industry but for Tom, to fit in the showbiz was a piece of cake, thanks to his exotic looks and athletic body. Tom with his photogenic face was going places but still, he was not satisfied. He was about to make another leap very soon.

All Impressed

He was indeed cut out to be an actor. The man succeeded in impressing the agents who had come to watch classes that were taking place at his theatre school. From thereon, a slew of opportunities knocked at his door. He soon began to get roles in commercials. It was after his appearance on The Dating Game he was offered a deal from a 20th Century Fox executive. But despite Selleck’s and executive’s desire to work together, the deal could not be materialized. And here is why…..