The White House is famous for two things. Firstly, for the luxury, it offers and secondly, for housing some of the best trendsetters of time. Over the years, the ignored status of First Ladies has metamorphosed into an important one, thanks to all the fashion divas that served the nation as the First Ladies. Here is the list of those stunning First Ladies who were the fashion icons of their time.

Helen Taft

Helen Taft, First To Participate In Inauguration ParadeHelen Herron “Nellie” Taft was the wife of  27th U.S. president Howard Taft. She was only eighteen years old when she met him while playing bobsledding. Although she walked down the aisle with him at the age of 25 in 1886. When Howard’s political career took several turns from being the state judge, Solicitor General, a federal judge and finally being president of a Great country.

She has her name recorded in history for being first First Lady to partake in her husband’s inauguration. Furthermore, in the ball night, she cut a dash by putting on dazzling gold embroidered white chiffon gown. Unfortunately, just after the two weeks of the inauguration, she suffered a stroke but that too did not impede her from performing her duties as the hostess of White House and continued to do her work with the assistance of her sister.

Florence Kling Harding

Florence Kling Harding, A Modern First LadyWarren Harding was running a newspaper called  Marion Star when he got married to Florence in 1891. She soon after the marriage took the reign of her husband’s business, when he got ill. Her ingenuity in the business was so high that she started being called “the brains of the business.” Moreover, she also did not hesitate to make her political views public after the election of Harding to the presidential office in 1921. She exerted considerable influence on the political activities of the country that can be gauged by the fact that she played an active role in the selection of the cabinet members. Along with being popular for putting forth her opinion she also gained attention for throwing elegant parties earning her the name “The Duchess” by his husband.

This highly opinionated First Lady was also looked up as the fashion icon of her time. She used to wear silk neckband to conceal her wrinkles, that were very much in fashion. As far as her appearance on the inauguration day is concerned, she picked a gown having pearlized sequin on the tulle with rhinestone-trimmed blue velvet ribbon designed by  Harry Collins. She was also famous for taking flights in planes, showing movies after dinner, and she allegedly even served guests alcohol during Prohibition. Notably, she was the first First Lady to be entitled to vote.    

Grace Coolidge

The Flapper Style Of Grace CoolidgeGrace Goodhue was in a very serious relationship before she met Calvin Coolidge then an attorney by profession in 1903. Grace married Calvin in 1905 despite the strong opposition from her mother. It is said that Calvin and his mother in law never got along with each other.

When Calvin was elected second time for the presidential office, he kept his inauguration simple and arranged for a small and private soiree only. As the party was organized without any pomp and show, the First Lady too chose her dress in accordance to that. She donned flapper-style evening dress that was very much in style in the 1920s. Her simple but elegant dress featured gold lamé with velvet-trimmed black-and-gold metallic lace.   

Lou Henry Hoover

Lou Henry Hoover Appeared In Vogue MagazineLou Henry Hoover met Herbert Hoover during her study days at Stanford University. She had taken Geology as her subject which was quite rare during those days for women. Whenever the discussion over the most stylish First Lady happens the name of Lou Hoover automatically crops up. She was considered one of the “best-dressed woman” in America by the woman of America and near countries. She also happens to be the first First Lady to get featured in the Vogue magazine thanks to her fabulous dressing sense.

Interestingly, this fashionista used to wear only American made clothes. She utilized her fashion icon image to promote the cotton textile industry by wearing cotton made outfits. On an inaugural day, she preferred going simple with her modest silk crepe evening gown embedded with metallic thread brocade.

Eleanor Roosevelt

A Blue Named For Eleanor RooseveltEleanor was the wife of  Franklin Delano Roosevelt. She is one of the very popular First Lady. She is more famous for expressing her views on feminism and other civil rights unflinchingly as the First Lady. She though had little interest in fashion.

She attracted the attention and admiration of the entire country when on the occasion she flaunted in slate-blue crepe gown. That was made by Sally Milgrim. Her dress also had gold leaf and flower pattern. The color she wore that day was later named after her “Eleanor blue”. Her dress fits well in the fashion on those days as many actresses of her time wore the same kind of dress.

Bess Truman

U806469ACMEThis first lady was married to the 33rd president of United States Harry Truman. They knew each other from a very young age. Bess Truman kept herself away from the politics and political scene.

She was a devoted wife and nice hostess but initially was doubtful about her status as the First Lady. Her husband succeeded FDR after his death amid the destructive World War so they did not go for any big celebration. So a very small and simple soiree was held. The first lady got dressed in a light colored gown and completed it with a fur cap on the inaugural ball. It is alleged that the gown was created by a woman called Madame Pola.