Perfect Gentleman

The man stepped into the building only to see an odd sight. He saw the woman behind him was in a hurry so he left the door open for her. The woman smiled at him and thanked him for helping. Not only that, the man even let her go ahead of him in the line. The woman found it strange as that does not happen very often.      

In No Hurry

Rob was very happy that day. He let the woman get in the queue and stand before him. There was still a lot of time for the graduation ceremony to start. The woman misunderstood his kind gesture as a joke and did not take it seriously at first. However, after seeing Rob’s smiling face she realized he meant that. She accepted and thanked him.  

Small Talk

Rob said gleamingly, “By all means go in front of me. Today my son graduates.” He continued, “I’m slowing down and want to savor every minute.” Rob’s happiness was glowing on his face. He had a big smile on his face that day. 

Talking It Out

Rob’s friendly nature worked as an ice breaker between them. They soon began to chit chat. The conversation that started at the weather soon took a turn to personal stuff. Rob told her about his son and daughter, the woman too shared information about her family. 

Extra-Ordinary Encounter

Rob was not aware that the person he was talking to was going to do something extra-ordinary in a few minutes. We should not share our personal details with strangers but Rob was too happy that day to think about all this.

Waiting In Line

The duo did not realize the woman’s turn had come up. Now she was standing right before the teller to get her cash. The woman got his work done in a matter of a minute and then was all set to leave. She looked back at him and waved. However, her departure gave way to many confusions.