The moments of happiness are what we live for. Every minor, as well as major happiness, counts. But how do you feel about the uncertainty of whether you’ll be able to experience one of the biggest happiness of your life?

The soldiers of the country are the people who are always uncertain about not just the happiness of their lives, but their lives themselves. Their sacrifices cannot be quantified. One day you are home, the next day you are on duty.

One such soldier is Brooks Lindsey, the protagonist of our story. The biggest happiness of his life is announced, but will he be able to witness it, while the whole world sees him troubled and emotionally sitting dressed in his uniform at Texas Airport.

Meet Brooks Lindsey

Brooks Lindsey, 25, is an army soldier of the 114th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Battalion of the Mississippi National Guard. To be an army soldier was Brooks’ childhood dream and he has been a very emotional person from his childhood. His hometown is Jackson, Mississippi. 

Wedding Bells

Brooks met Haley Wilson, the love of his life in 2015. The moment they both met, they knew they were made for each other and nothing has moved them apart. Their love increased with each passing day and in November 2017 they tied the knot to stay together forever. 

Another Good News

Soon after the wedding, the Lindseys had not expected that they would get another great news. The news of Haley being pregnant broke out very unexpectedly and the couple had no idea about it. They could not believe it that they would be holding their first-born in their hands in just a short time span of nine months. 


Right after the news of Haley’s pregnancy was announced, the newlywed couple started baby-classes and their trips to the hospital for regular health check-ups of the to-be-mother and the baby. It was on one of these trips that the couple got the extraordinary news that they would be having a girl! 

Duty Calls

After the elongated celebrations, it was now time for Brooks to go back and fulfill his ambitions. Duty called, and he had to leave with a heavy heart. Haley was prepared for this since the very beginning because she knew what the army meant for Brooks. But both of them had a little hope of being together for the birth of their first-born. 

The Name

Since Brooks and Haley were not sure if the father would be able to make it to the birth of the baby, they decided on a name for the baby together. Before Brooks left for the services, they settled on a very cute name for their baby girl and named her Millie.