Winning a million dollar lottery sounds so surreal that we can only dream about it, it’s simply the best case scenario. You don’t have to break a sweat, just get lucky and boom! You are a multi-millionaire overnight and now all eyes are on you. Sounds like a sweet dream. However, this scenario that seems so unrealistic became the incredible reality for a family that lived in the small town of Missouri. Moreover, they had won themselves one of the biggest lotteries in the history of America. But what surprised everyone was their not to so conventional choices like buying a luxurious home or something like that. Read this serendipitous story to discover how the Hill family’s decisions took the city by storm and made them the center of attraction in the national news for months.

Small Missouri Family

For a married couple of Missouri, Camden Point who were in their early 50’s, their lives would take a 180 when they expected the least. Mark and Cindy Hill were moments away from a life-changing event and they didn’t see it coming until the very end. They had three biological children who were now grown-ups and had families of their own. They were now living with their 6-year-old daughter whom they had adopted from China. Tough times are an intrinsic part of life and the family had been hitting an all-time financial low lately. “The mills of the gods grind slowly” and the Hill family was soon to earn the millionaire status.

Tough Times

They were even struggling to fulfill their basic necessities, something which had never happened in the past. It seems that bad times arrive with full force as Mark’s son was now more than worried about his health condition. They were certainly hopeful that their bad days won’t last forever but they had never imagined something as grand as a lottery win would knock their door. It will be interesting to see how a massive lottery win can change someone’s life overnight…

Working Parents

The Hill parents and their 6-year-old daughter, Jaiden were a little down on their luck and it will be right to say that times were tough for them. Mark was just another worker at a factory that processed meat for deli foods and hot dogs. Moreover, he would also work as the sole supporter in the factory’s immediate household to make extra money as the family could no longer rely on one source of income. It was in 2010, when Cindy was laid off from her last job where she served as the office manager. Unfortunately, she had failed to secure a job ever since. On top of that, she started to feel the need of staying around home more than often to be there for her little girl. It seemed as if there were no opportunities for her and it was when Cindy took an absolutely wild chance.  

The Powerball Lottery

powerball lottery missouri

The national Powerball lottery had broken all their previous records by meeting a record sum of $587 million. Back then in November 2012, this turned out to be the second highest lottery draw of all time and you can tell who went home with their bank account boasting of millions in dollars. The amount raised was believed to be practically unreal in a community as such and everyone was left astounded after the declaration. How much money would the Hills take home from this big number?

The Winning Amount

It didn’t matter that this jackpot seemed almost unattainable, as one of the lucky lottery ticket buyers would receive almost as much as half the money. There are thousands of people who buy lottery tickets and the Hill family wasn’t expecting much, and why would they? Their odds of winning the lottery were 1 to a million but the lady luck was on their side and they would soon get the happy news. However, the winning amount almost stopped their heartbeat for a while. How much do you think they won? A million dollar or 2 million dollars? Well, even 10 million dollars are nowhere near to the amount that Cindy Hill would receive as the winning prize.

A Quick Purchase

missouri powerball lotteryIt was only a few weeks ago when Cindy Hill stopped at a local gas station, the place from she bought herself the winning lottery ticket. She had bought a total of five lottery tickets for her family that cost her only $10. While many players believe in lucky numbers and have superstitions of their own that influence their decision making in choosing in the numbers, Cindy didn’t do anything as such. Instead, she let the computer decide. She simply accepted the numbers that the lottery ticket generator offered her. She didn’t allow space for any personal preference and left it all to fate. This is just a quick reminder that the best decisions are often made by instincts, not thoughts