Chicago Justice-NBC

Starring: Philip WinchesterJon SedaJoelle CarterMonica Barbaro & Carl Weathers
Number of seasons: 1

Chicago Justice could not justify its existence on the TV screen. This is the first ever Chicago series that got axed by the NBC. Fortunately, the show had only 13 episodes. The creator of the show was Dick Wolf who has also created Law & Order franchise. However, the one desk of this legal drama will be aired on NBC. The next show achieved something not many serials could. Find out what is that, in the next slide.


Starring: Hayley AtwellEddie CahillShawn AshmoreMerrin DungeyEmily KinneyManny MontanaDaniel Franzese
Number of seasons: 1

Conviction which is also a legal drama could not do much on the screen. Naturally, the ABC convicted Conviction of boring viewers and booted it out of the people screen. The show aired only 13 episodes summing up in a season. It had to face many criticisms but the 1-star rating by Rotten Tomatoes took the cake.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders-CBS

Starring: Gary SiniseAlana de la GarzaDaniel HenneyTyler James Williams & Annie Funke
Number of seasons: 2

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders started off right after the conclusion of its parent show landing it a great number of viewers. Unfortunately, it could not succeed like the original one and ended up with only 2 seasons. Another spin-off Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior of the same show met the same fate and failed to make an impact. I bet, you would fear fairy tales when will know about this series.


Starring: David GiuntoliRussell HornsbyBitsie TullochSilas Weir MitchellSasha RoizReggie LeeBree Turner & Claire Coffee
Number of seasons: 6

The one more TV show that failed to perform was Grimm. This fairy tale based show did not have a fairy tale like reality. It had already been announced that the show would conclude in its sixth season but what came as a shock to the fans (alright! few fans) is that the show did not come back to the network in fall as expected. The fans had to wait until New York to watch their favorite show. The show had a very poor rating that pushed it towards its abrupt end. When the Game Of Thrones and Wizard of Oz failed to impress the audience. Not getting? alright, check the next slide to know what am i talking about.

Emerald City- NBC

Starring: Adria ArjonaOliver Jackson-CohenAna UlaruMido Hamada & Gerran Howell
Number of seasons: 1

Emerald City had the good storyline but perhaps not a good fate. The show was considered the combination of Game of Thrones and The Wizard of Oz. It is surprising that the show could not go further after its 10th episode. This is true that you can’t watch the show anymore but you certainly can watch Adria who played Dorothy in the show in her upcoming movies, that are Pacific Rim: Uprising and Life of the Party.


Starring: Chelsea Handler
Number of seasons: 2

Chelsea the talk show had only two seasons on Netflix. It happened due to the competition it faced by other contemporary talk show. Chelsea though had started with a huge viewership its craze deflated soon after. Once a popular show Chelsea craved TRP in it’s last times.