Even if you are not an advocate of advanced technology, you began to understand it’s worth when you come across an unbearable TV series. You may call my way of describing these serials as an exaggeration but I call it the rant of a victimized viewer. Thanks to the thing called “remote” that helps us avoid these brain-sinking (which is more hurtful then heart-sinking) shows by changing the channels. Do i sound rude to you? well, my rudeness is nothing compared to the rudeness of their viewers who forced them to get out of their screen. If you don’t believe me then just go through these slides and look for yourself.


Starring: Justin KirkNatalie MartinezCaitlin StaseyTaylor HandleyEric Winter & Ernie Hudson
Number of seasons: 1

Do you remember this show? What, you don’t? it is the same show that made even an atheist to plead to god for its end. The god indeed listened to their prayer and the series got off people’s TV screen just after one season due to the abysmal rating(yayyyy). Justin who played the lead in the APB can be seen in the movie The Tribes of Palos Verdes as he was also working on this movie while acting in the series. If in any case, you are missing this historical fictional drama you can divert attention to the upcoming TV series that are going to be launched this fall. The upcoming series includes a Marvel adaptation, a doctor-drama, and a goofy comedy. Next in the line is a show that was too way mysterious.

American Gothic-CBS

Starring: Juliet RylanceAntony StarrJustin ChatwinMegan KetchElliot KnightStephanie LeonidasGabriel Bateman & Virginia Madsen
Number of seasons: 1

This murder mystery show was actually very mysterious in the sense that nobody could understand the reason behind the running of this show for 13 episodes. Yes, for many shows this duration is a very short span of time but for this show, it just felt longer than a whole life. However, the show got ended due to its consistent poor rating and so did the distress of people. As far as its star cast is concerned, Juliet who played the main character in the show is all set to make her comeback on your screen with  McMafia which is a BBC miniseries.

Dr. Ken-ABC

Starring: Ken JeongSuzy NakamuraTisha Campbell-MartinJonathan SlavinAlbert TsaiKrista Marie YuKate Simses & Dana Lee
Number of seasons: 2

Dr. Ken failed abysmally in treating the funny bone of viewers rightly. Perhaps that’s why it got canceled just after two seasons. In fact, the show should thank famous celebrities like Margaret Cho, Dr. Oz, and Joel McHale for stretching it to two seasons. Another prominent reason for its failure was its timing. It used to air on Friday competing for TRP against many other famous shows such as Dollhouse and Fringe. The 7% rating by the Rotten Tomatoes explains well its performance. The next will explain well, why you should never take a chance.


Starring: Hugh Laurie, Ethan Suplee, Greta Lee, Stefania LaVie Owen, Clarke Peters & Diane Farr
Number of seasons: 2

The TV series Chance was given one more chance in the form of a sequel by Hulu to improve its rating but unfortunately, it failed. The lead character is played by Hugh Laurie who happens to be a doctor(what else can you expect). The story is about a forensic neuropsychiatrist who gets his life tangled with numerous problems when decides to help one of his patients. The show is based on the book of the same name. This thriller show had nothing new to offer. It was in January 2018, the announcement was made that the show has been canceled by Hulu. 

The BlackList Redemption-NBC

Starring: Famke JanssenRyan EggoldEdi GathegiTawny Cypress & Adrian Martinez
Number of seasons: 1

People had great expectations from Blacklist: Redemption a spin-off of The Blacklist but the show could not get the passable rating, let alone matching the level of its parent show. Hence, the show was taken off the screen just after one season. The show made it to eight episodes only in striking contrast with The Blacklist that ran for five seasons with the fifth season on NBC.

American Crime-ABC

Starring: Felicity HuffmanTimothy HuttonW. Earl BrownRichard Cabral & Caitlin Gerard
Number of seasons: 3

This show ran for three seasons but could not make it after that. American Crime failed to gather much viewership though it was widely appreciated by the critic. It was planned that the ABC will come up with a short mini-season but the rumors soon got axed as in May, ABC made it clear that the show is officially over. The reason behind the dwindling rating of the show is being steered off its actual purpose of entertainment.