Don’t we all enjoy munching at the restaurants, having a candlelight dinner and tasting the exotic delicacies? Of course, all of us enjoy that. It gets better when at a restaurant we are served with amazing hospitality and warmth.

But when we are asked to wait at a table, we get cranky and often misbehave with the staff there. The job of a waiter or a waitress requires immense patience in order to deal with customers that often complain or get cranky while waiting for a meal at the restaurant. But when a customer keeps on nagging a particular waiter even they lose their cool. An incident happened at a restaurant Luby’s in Texas with a veteran and a waitress which garnered quite a lot of attention for a reason too tough to absorb.


Luby’s the world famous food chain started back in 1947 when its founder Bob Luby laid its stone. He had one dream and it was to develop a chain of food networks which serve its customers the best of quality food at an affordable price. For more than 70 years this food joint had put their best foot forward and one particular staff member caught everyone’s eye.