So, Prince Harry has finally got his soulmate. It seems now that the Prince would not delay much in exchanging the vows with Meghan Markle. All we need to do is to wait for this royal wedding to happen.Meanwhile, we can take a look back at some of the splendid weddings dresses that royal brides donned and captured the attention of everyone. Some royal brides influenced the dressing style of your favorite star in their weddings and some just blinded us with its scintillation.

 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, 1947

The wedding gown wore by Queen Elizabeth was designed by designer Norman Hartnell.  This fascinating gown was created with Chinese silk and symbolized “rebirth and growth”. Another interesting fact is that it seven days for 350 women to make it, it also earned the queen fame for saving ration cards in order to pay for the dress. The dress was influenced by a  Botticelli’s painting called Primavera.

King Michael and Princess Anne, 1948

Princess Anne walked down the aisle wearing the light ivory gown with a lengthy train. The couple had to face many problems in order to get married to each other. The princess being a Bouborn had to take permission from the church to marry the King as he is a non-catholic Christian. Getting the permission was not easy for the couple as church placed some condition before them that was not acceptable for the King. Anne used to serve as Macy’s salesgirl and had also volunteered for the French army during World War II. After their marriage, the King and Queen were dethroned and were proscribed from entering Romania until the three day trip in 1992. However, they remained the most popular and adorable royal couple of Romania.

Rita Hayworth and Aly Khan, 1949

Rita Hayworth a former popular actress gave up her career to marry Prince Aly Khan. She on her wedding day went for the 1947 New Look collection of Christian Dior that had a small bust and log plated skirt. It was her third marriage to the son of Sultan Muhammed Shah.

Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlevi and Queen Soraya, 1951

The wedding gown of Queen Soraya of Iran was stitched with thirty-seven yards of silver lame and 20,000 feathers. She was the last queen who chose wearing custom Christian Dior wedding gown.

Jacqueline Onassis and John F. Kennedy, 1953

Jacqueline Onassis the former first lady of America wore a stunning gown on her special day. She had one o the most high profile wedding of the 20th century. Her magnificent wedding gown was created by a low key designer from Alabama. It may interest you to know that the gown of Mrs. Kennedy had almost destroyed before the 10 days of wedding.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer, 1956

Grace Kelly graced her wedding spot by donning a gown created by MGM costumer Helen Rose. This designer also had dressed her for her roles in High Society and The Swan. Te gown was decorated with laces that were one hundred years old, 25 yards of silk taffeta and 100 yards of silk net making it the most expensive dress, Helena Rose ever made. Popular celebrities like Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian had their wedding gown inspired by its design.