It all started ordinarily but ended on the most unexpected note! An inexplicably quiet woman in her 90s died in 2010 leaving behind her house and lots of head-spinning mysteries. The old lady had kept lots of secrets from the world and when her soul departed from her body, her secrets too scattered away like many pieces of paper. Her secrets began crawling out bit by bit and all of them had the potential of surprising the world. One of them was that the woman had one more apartment in Paris that she never mentioned about in her entire lifetime. What was so different about that apartment? A team of experts was formed to evaluate the assets of that apartment but when they opened the door of the ling hidden house, they felt as if they had entered a different world. The apartment was full of highly valuable items. But that was not what astounded the experts most. Among all these items there was one thing that made them jump out of their skin. The experts had never seen something like this………

The Key To A Locked Secret

Mrs. De Florian a frail, old lady said her final goodbye to the world in June 2010 in the countryside of the south of France. The woman, when was alive remained a mystery to her surrounding as she never talked much to the people. The 91-year-old lady had very few friends. Just like her life the death of the woman too fell into obscurity. But as they say that the quietest people have the loudest mind………  

Coming To The Light

Well, her death brought a lesser known and surprising fact about her to the light. The woman had one more apartment in Paris. Unsurprisingly, not many people knew about this property of her. The woman had never been heard of mentioning her Paris based apartment to anyone. She kept her apartment as a secret for 70 years and now as she was gone, her apartment secret remained unguarded. A team of professionals was formed to check that mysterious apartment.           

Team With Another Motive

The team was going to evaluate all the assets in her apartment in Paris as the woman had no one after her. However, the team had no idea that they were going to discover something astounding during the process of regular evaluation. The apartment was far from ordinary and this appraisal was going to strip many professionals off their sleep. What was extraordinary about this apartment. Well, see it for yourself…      

Entering The Time Capsule

Auctioneer Olivier Choppin-Janvry was chosen to lead the team. The team had to visit her apartment and evaluate the belongings. What struck them first was that the apartment was situated in a very posh area that centered the Paris city. The team was equipped with all the instruments needed to process the evaluation. They got another surprise when they unlocked the long-closed door. It felt as if they had entered another world.  

Deeper Into The House

Choppin-Janvry wondered if it was only him who was surprised by the possession of the apartment or the other member too had the same feeling. One could easily tell by throwing a single glance at the apartment that it had not been used for years. Dust had made a home in it. there was a  thick layer of dust on everything.  Choppin-Janvry describes, “There was a smell of old dust.” He further stated that he felt like as if he had “stumbled into the castle of sleeping beauty.” The apartment was nothing short of a treasure and among all the possession there was one that stood apart from all of them. The experts could not believe it when they laid their eyes on that thing for the first time. The old woman had imprisoned time behind those closed doors.       

Time At A Standstill

They kickstarted the process of evaluation. Every asset they evaluated was only adding to their bewilderment. The experts began to fee as if they had entered another world through the gates of the apartment. Many of the possessions dated back to Paris’s renowned cultural renaissance, Belle Époque or Beautiful Era. Experts had evaluated many house and apartments before but none of them had amazed them to this extent. Interestingly, it was just the beginning. The real twist was yet to come.