This story is extraordinary in every sense. It is about a dog who shares an amazing friendship with a pack of coyotes. Yes, you read it right! It is a kind of friendship that amazes everyone who sees them. When a woman notices this dog surrounded by his unique friends she decides to get him out of it only to take him to a more secure environment and from there on begins the thrilling process of rescuing him. Throughout the process, the rescue team continues to learn surprising facts about the dog that makes them question if they would ever be able to separate him from his friends. And once they were done with the process they got confronted with the most baffling truth about the dog.

Encountering Extraordinary

Sarah Nace, a worker of Lost Pets of Hudson Valley witnessed something very extraordinary while walking on the road. She spotted a stray dog racing on the hills of Kingston, New York. On seeing the dog she began to worry about it, she knew that she needed to rescue him at any cost.  Now, you must be wondering what is so extraordinary about seeing a dog running around? Well, the answer is far more astonishing then you can imagine.