We all love dogs. They are loyal, cute, a great companion and comes in different sizes. If you like big dogs you can opt for German Shepherd or Saint Bernard but if you want to have a dog that could easily get into your then you can go for Beagle or Pomeranian. No doubt they all are cute and highly popular too. But before bringing them into your house make sure you know everything about them, including the negative aspects of their personality. Most of these famous dogs endure some reals health issues. Let’s find out what are they so that you could make a better decision while choosing a dog for your company.

German Shepherd

Canine Champions Compete In The Westminster Dog ShowGerman Shepherds is the second most popular dog we have. They are no doubt very active and intelligent canine and that is what makes them the most preferred choice breed for a pet. But this multitalented dog is also famous for getting prone to many diseases such as Elbow Dysplasia. It is a condition when there is an abnormal growth of the cell, tissue or bone that leads to malformation and hence lameness in the animals. Generally, only the large-sized breeds are affected by it. Another severe disease includes autoimmune disorders that degenerate their immune system. Other than these they are also prone to degenerative myelopathy responsible for paralysis, vision problems, and epilepsy among them.


 A Beagle attends the American Kennel ClubIf you own a Beagle you own a perfect package of entertainment. They are cute, naughty and full of fun. But it is not always they remain a pleasant company sometimes they also become a reason for your stress. They are predisposed to epilepsy that can pose a problem to the owner especially if they have small kids around. Along with that they also are prone to intervertebral disk disease. In it the disk puts pressure on the spine that is built by a jelly-like substance in the disk. That can cause paralysis, lack of bowel and bladder control and loss of sensation. The next breed in our slide is very adorable but equally irritating when it comes to the health issues. Check out what you should actually look for before you go for it.


Portraits Of The Battersea Dogs Left Behind This ChristmasRottweiler has gained fame for being one of the violent breed owing to the many bite fatality cases attributed to him. Despite that this breed owns the ninth rank in top 10 most popular dogs. Rottweilers are prone to the cancer of bones. They also have some immune system problems. Along with that, they can also suffer from gastric dilation, elbow dysplasia, and joint disease. The list is yet to end as this highly active species also can adopt hypothyroidism that makes the dog unable to produce enough thyroid hormone. This illness can lead to the gradual distortion of their thinking ability.

Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever, the 3rd most popular breed of 2016,Golden Retrievers are prone to hip dysplasia that leads to the malformation of socket and ball joint. They could also be diagnosed with elbow dysplasia and Sub-Aortic Stenosis. The Stenosis is a heart defect that impedes the flow of blood and hence is very detrimental to the health of the dog. The owner of the breed has to be extra careful while feeding it as they are allergic to many food items and sometimes environment. No doubt the dog widely known for its sniffing quality has some really dangerous health issues. But these all problems can be kept at bay if dealy with smartly.

Labrador Retriever

Almost every second house has Labrador retriever as their pet. why would that not be? they come with so many advantages. They are good-natured, friendly, intelligent and also an excellent swimmer. But as we all know everything has its share of advantages and disadvantages both. This most popular dog is prone to cancer. Besides that while opting for this breed one should also make sure how does it perform while exercising by screening. They are defamed for having the exercise-induced collapse. The disorder is hereditary that can be found in many dogs o this breed. A healthy Labrador retriever enjoys the lifespan of 12 years.


Cheerio, Pomeranian, attends the Westminster Dog ShowThis furry toy dog can develop cataract at any age. One way to find out is to check the eye color of your pet that can turn into blue, grey or tinting if have got the disease. The good thing is that it can be removed by surgery. They also can fall, the victim of collapsed trachea. The skin of this toy dog that always remains under its furry becomes itchy if the hygiene is not followed properly. It also suffers from Alopecia X. It triggers the excess production of sex hormones that can be cured with melatonin supplements. Despite all these health drawbacks, the breed is very popular among the people and makes quite desirable pets.