In 2000, when the world was welcoming the 21st century, the Berlin Zoo welcomed an unexpected sight that surprised everyone. It was about an unusual friendship between a bear and a cat. This never heard before friendship had astonished everyone who came across them. These inseparable friends used to eat, sleep and play with each other. They continued to grab eyeballs of the visitors because of their affection for each other. But one day all of a sudden this beautiful friendship ended. And the reason behind the ending of their relationship would bring tears to your eyes. Read on and find out what really happened to their friendship.


The Zoo Berlin is a very well renowned zoological garden in Germany. It is primarily famous for sheltering a female Asiatic Bear called, Mäuschen. The bear weighed about 800- pounds and had both huge size and unmatchable strength that made it a big zoo attraction. More than half of the visitors used to come to the zoo only to see this endangered species. This giant bear’s breakfast usually included the meat of small creatures.