In 2000, when the world was welcoming the 21st century, the Berlin Zoo welcomed an unexpected sight that surprised everyone. It was about an unusual friendship between a bear and a cat. This never heard before friendship had astonished everyone who came across them. These inseparable friends used to eat, sleep and play with each other. They continued to grab eyeballs of the visitors because of their affection for each other. But one day all of a sudden this beautiful friendship ended. And the reason behind the ending of their relationship would bring tears to your eyes. Read on and find out what really happened to their friendship.


The Zoo Berlin is a very well renowned zoological garden in Germany. It is primarily famous for sheltering a female Asiatic Bear called, Mäuschen. The bear weighed about 800- pounds and had both huge size and unmatchable strength that made it a big zoo attraction. More than half of the visitors used to come to the zoo only to see this endangered species. This giant bear’s breakfast usually included the meat of small creatures.

Asiatic Bears

As the name itself explains, Asiatic bears are found in the Asian region. They are usually medium sized bears with the male bear weighing somewhere between 20 to 440 pounds and having the height between 50 to 77 inches. The female bear on the other side weighs from 110 to 275 pounds. Their appearance is very imposing due to their jet black fur, whitish chin, tan or brown muzzle, and a yellow moon on their chest. In addition to all these features, they have small and strong claws that help them to climb the tree with large ears. 

Berlin Zoo

Opened in 1844, Berlin Zoo is the oldest and most popular zoo of Germany. It also enjoys the reputation for being the zoo that has highest footfalls making it the most visited zoo in Europe. Housing 20,000 animals coming from 1,400 species this zoological garden is sprawled to 33-hectare. Some of the prominent animals inhabiting the zoo include gorillas, elephants, giraffes, and many more. The garden has made headlines number of times for different reasons and this stunning story is one of that.

Unusual Sight

It was a day of the millennium year, everything was as usual. The caretakers went to the cage of Mäuschen to check if she needed more food. The caretakers had no idea what were they going to witness. While standing in front the bear’s place, for some unknown reason one of the caretakers looked upon a tree. The man could not turn his head down for a while. What had he seen over the tree? Find that out on the next slide.

She Could Not Care Less

There was a small cat in the tree inside the enclosure of the giant bear! It was a black cat with the weight of three kilos. The kitty seemed unfazed about her fate. The caretakers were shocked as they had no clue how the cat entered the bear’s enclosure. And now the big question was how would she come out of that danger zone? Till now, the bear had not spotted the feline. Even the imagination of the moment when bear would realize the presence of the cat in her enclosure made caretakers blood run cold.

No Hope Of Rescue

The things were not in the hands of caretakers. After all who would risk their own life by stepping into the enclosure of a bear, in order to save a cat’s life? There was no hope of survival for the cat. People knew that the poor cat would get destroyed the moment the meat lover bear would spot it. Let me make it clear, till now the bear was oblivious to the presence of the cat in his home.