Time changes, so do the people, err, dogs! Yes, they change a lot, by change here I mean the literal one. Today we are going to dig in the past and find out what changes they underwent over the century. For some dog, the changes were so drastic that would take you aback completely. Even if you are a dog lover and knows a lot about their origin, breeding and today’s condition I bet you would not be knowing as much about them as this article does. You would be surprised to know how Beagle looked like a century ago. The Bulldog who is very popular today had a very traumatic past a 100 year ago. Also the actual purpose of breeding adorable white and black furry Dalmatians. They all were bred for some other reasons but eventually are popular today for some other.

P.S. Do not miss out on the very complicated past story of German Shepherd.

Boxer: Then

Image result for dogs used to look likeDid you know that the boxer shares its lineage with German Bullenbeisser and English bulldog breed? The dog previously served as a hunting dog that was taken in use to catch prey and grab it so that the hunter could take it. The “Boxer” got its name from its nature of standing on its back legs and play with its front paws. During WWI, the Boxer was used for attacking, carrying supplies and guarding. It was only after WWII the soldier took Boxer breed home from the front with themselves and it was then that the boxer turned into a domestic pet. Now look at the next slide and find out the dissimilarity between the both.    



Boxers NowThe difference is very visible here. This one has a larger and more contracted snout that goes upward and a curving tail. Though They today serves mostly as a pet and show dogs there are some who still use them as guard dogs and for carrying weight. The dog is not full of qualities only it has its share of problems also. It is more predisposed to many diseases. Cancer is the most prominent among them. Another point of concern is that this breed fails to cool down when it’s temperature rises, resulting in behavioral problems in them. In the next slide, we have a breed that has gone through a lot in the past but still stands firm and popular.

English Bulldog: Then

English Bulldogs ThenThe Bulldogs does not have a good history. They were originally bred for bull-baiting. It is a very horrifying sport in which people tie up a bull to see which dog would be able to latch onto the bull’s snout and knock it down to the floor. That is why the Bulldog possesses an enormous head with a very strong jaw and stout muscular limbs. Thanks to the banning of bull baiting in nineteenth-century England that Bulldogs enjoys a better life now as a household pet. Sadly enough, in some part of the United States, Bulldogs are still used for herding and yoking of bulls by ranchers. However, their scenario has changed a lot over the decades. But not all changes are positive some are immensely negative too.      


English Bulldogs NowUnfortunately, this very strong breed is prone to several diseases that they adopted during the time of inbreeding. There has been a significant change in their temperament as they are cooler now because they don’t have to bait bulls anymore. They are even good for novice owners and has a great sensitivity level Like many dogs they are very affectionate towards their owners. Bulldog, due to their fat head sturdy body and droopy skin are predisposed to many health issues. They can have difficulty in mating, walking around, and birthing. The worst part is that it also is prone to cancer and heart disease. Surprisingly, though they had a very toiling lifestyle they were way more athletic than today’s Bulldogs.

Dachshund: Then

It is believed that Dachshunds are very ancient breed. As one dog breed like them has been described in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. With the speculation that they also have roamed around the streets of ancient China and South America. Newly found evidence in Egyptian Tomb provides a firm base to this assumptions. Similarly, no clarity has been made on the originality of Dachshund. Some say Dachshunds are the offsprings of hounds and terriers. On the other hand, some theorize that they are the descendants of Pointers and Pinschers. They were used for chasing the wild boar off. Dachshunds are very much linked with the royalty and were taken in use by nobles, with Queen Victoria taking a special interest in them.