Buffalo Soldier

Here comes a Buffalo Soldier. Do you know what buffalo soldier means? This is a name given by native Americans to the Black Americans who fought for the U.S. Army. This picture is of the last Buffalo soldier who kicked the bucket in 2005  after completing his 111 years.


Geronimo also known as “The man who yawns” was the torchbearer of Apaches. In his reign, he gave a tough challenge to his American and Mexican enemies by bringing a number of Native tribes against them. He emerged as a hero for his tribes and he did everything he could to save his people from the harm posed by those who liked to name themselves as savages.  

Gold Diggers

Other than housekeeping, cooking, washing clothes, acting, and dancing, these women used to do an extraordinary job of helping their husband in digging golds. Sounds Strange.

Wild Bill Hickock

Wild Bill Hickock was a famous gunfighter in the west. He is also called the folk hero owing to his record of killing 100 people that is nothing but exaggeration done by himself only to gain fame. In reality, he had not killed more than 10 people.  

The Gunmen

Did you notice the gun these all men are holding in the picture? If not, then please do as that was the prime motive of all of the men behind clicking this picture, to show off their gun. In the wild west, every individual was armed with a gun but unfortunately never got a  chance to boast about it as photography was yet to be invented.


The people in the 19th century were nomadic. They used to move from one place to another quite normally. In this picture, we can see a couple who is on its way to the west to relocate. Unlike us they did not have much baggage to bear, only one wagon was enough for them.