The era of Wild West witnessed multiple historical events and personalities. We know very well about some of them but still, there are some that remain obscure. So here we will be revealing those stupifying past of our glorious history you never knew about by these amazing pictures because we know that a photo equals a thousand words. Click through the slides and acquaint yourself with some untold facts of your very own history.


Death Valley

This 19th-century picture depicts a businessman riding in the desert looking for mineral borax. Now, You must be wondering what is so extraordinary about this? The extraordinary thing is that the desert they are moving on is the Death Valley. As the name suggests this place is one of the most dangerous places on the earth where surviving is next to impossible. It is located 282 feet below sea level in California and owns the record of highest air temperature i.e 134 degrees Fahrenheit.

Annie Oakley

Looks are deceptive. Who can say that Annie Oakley was a well renowned American sharpshooter of her time by looking at this picture of her? She tasted fame when she was only 15 years old for her amazing sharp-shooting skills. She started trapping, shooting and hunting after the death of her father when she was only eight years old. She started doing this only to support her family financially.

Jesse James

Jesse James was an American outlaw who did strings of robberies with his gang called James-Younger Gang. The gang was formed by him in collaboration with his younger brothers. Along with robbing the banks he also has committed some very serious crimes i.e. Train robbery, looting ordinary people and murder. Surprisingly, despite the heinous crime he committed, he is still considered a patriot. Jesse was a native of Missouri.

Two In One

What do you think this place is? A bar? no, it’s not. It is a salon. Quite difficult to believe, right? This old west saloon of Michigan has a bartender that sells alcohol. This amazing photograph was taken around 150 years ago. 

Olive Oatman

This photo translates the unfateful condition of women in primitive times. The girl featured in this picture is Olive Oatman who was only 14 years old when she lost her parents to a tribe of Native Indians. After that, she and her sister were imprisoned and were sold  to Mohave tribe. After a while, her sister died of malnourishment. It was then that both the sister were inked with this tattoo on their chin. 

Shells And Bells

If you are feeling bad about that last slide than cheer yourself up with this picture. This picture has Elk and Black Elk who were Indian natives and were the member of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. The duo was famous for donning shells and bells while dancing. They used to travel around the world for their show.