Our furry friends enjoy the trip to the vet as much as we enjoy our visits to the dentist. It’s an inexorable aspect of our lives that somehow manages to sneak up on us every time.We have compiled a series of pictures capturing their reaction when they realized that they’re on the way to see the vet. These managed to warm our heart all the while providing us with a good laughter.

If I can’t see them, They can’t see me either right?!

Oh No, It’s That Time Of The Year Again

Upon getting the dreadful news that they are going to be visiting the vet today, This dog decided to escape this situation by hiding himself under his trusted blanket. Though this guy clearly isn’t fooling anyone, his master didn’t have the heart to tell him that even his blanket had betrayed him. When the time arrived to go to the vet, we hope this guy took this blanket with him to curl in and comfort himself. Because that how some of us are dealing with our problem too, alongside our trusted blanket.

Puppy eyes

Puppy Eyes

Here we have an adult German Shepherd. Relying on his charms to get out this sticky situation. These puppy eyes can melt even the toughest ones of us, But they’ve already got him on the table so it seems he’s not getting out of this one. Even his owner couldn’t do much other than taking pictures of his buddy’s misfortune. We’re sure he’ll be going back home much more healthy than when he came in and there are treats waiting for him at end of this.

This is not the Dog Park


The look on his face says it all. With the car coming to a halt, he realizes that there a big building where the dog park is supposed to be. Now unsure of his fate, he looks are his human all confused and petrified. We wonder how long this doggo gave this look to his master before giving up under the circumstances, Since its clear with his reaction they might as well be going to a graveyard. They’re pretty much the same thing, Right?

I’m not going anywhere without my human

don'tletthemtakeme.jpgThis big ball of fluff needed to be carried to the vet’s office. We all can use some companionship during difficult times in our life and it’s safe to say dogs feel the same way too. So this big guy had his master carry him all the way to the vet’s office, all the while he held on to his human-like his life depended on it. We can feel the distress this dog must be going through but we also can’t help but wonder how much his owner must be sweating under all that fur.

Her whole life flashed right before her eyes

Its Life Was Flashing Before Its EyesAt this moment right here she realized where the car had stopped. With panic and horror dripping from her face, one can’t help but feel bad for her. We wonder what’s going through this little one’s head, Is she recalling all the events that have led to her ending up here or is she plotting an escape plan only to realize how futile every action will be now that they are already here? Let’s just hope everything worked out and her encounter with the vet wasn’t as horrible as she imagined it to be.

Let’s just go home, there’s nothing wrong with me

I’ll Do Anything If We Just Go Home!

This corgi’s adorable face may very well be able to melt our heart but they cant do much to the strong metal bars trapping him. It looks like rather than being taken to park he’s being taken to the vet for a particular procedure which involves sniping certain things. Don’t fret though pupper, Hundreds of dogs get this procedure done every month, It will be over in a jiffy.then you can go back to playing with others in the park.