These are photographs that have not yet been seen by the general public. Each one of these represents a piece of history for one reason or another, and that is why they deserve to be talked about! Get ready to go on a trip through decades of Human History. You will get emotional, angry, and inspired.

A Slave Ship – 1882

last known - 9

It is not common to find real-life pictures of what happened on slave ships. This is one of the few photographs of the interior of one of those you will ever see. Marc Ferrez snapped it in 1882. There are dozens of slaves in the photo.

Statue of Liberty Construction – USA

last known - 25

These men are working on the Statue of Liberty. It had just recently arrived in the USA. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to the USA, formed in New York City. Its total height is 93 meters (305 feet 1 inch). Its dedication dates to October 28, 1886.

The First Selfie – 1900

last known - 6

Who knew the selfie dates back to the 19th century! This woman snapped this photo in 1900. Even though there is no way to be sure, it is quite possible that this was the first selfie ever taken. In it is possible to see a woman taking a picture of her reflection in a mirror with a hand-held camera.

Great Flood of Paris – France, 1910

last known - 14

These are the streets of Paris during the Great Flood that took place in 1910. This is not how they used to look back then, nor how they look currently. What had been a very busy street was then flooded and boats can be seen rowing on the water.

Coal Mine Workers – 1911

last known - 30

This is a very impressive photograph. These boys are standing near the mine where they worked. This is an example of mass-scale child labor. The photo was taken back in 1911. It is sad to think that child labor still exists over 100 years later.

The Romanov Family – 1913

last known - 35

These are the members of the House of Romanov. This was the second dynasty that ruled Russia. Tsar Nicholas II, that can be seen posing in the picture was one of the Russian rulers. He is seen with his wife, Alexandra, and Ol’ga, Tat’jana, Marija, Anastasia and Aleksej.