Mumbai is the land of the dreamers. It is a big metropolitan city located in the state of Maharashtra. It has India’s creative film industry as well as some of Asia’s largest slums. Mumbai is engulfed by beautiful skylines and monuments. Also known as India’s fashion capital, Mumbai is full of aspiring artists, actors, and photographers. Photography is known to be a universal language. A city like Mumbai is full of opportunities for everyone, especially photographers. Hence, there are limitless options for photography jobs in Mumbai.

Just like other art forms, photography also has different genres. Let’s take a look at the different types of genres in the photography industry:

Event Photography

One of the most popular types of photography genres is event photography. This is a fast-paced genre with plenty of opportunities to earn good money. Event photographers get to work in a wide variety of areas like corporate events, concerts, meet and greet, weddings, parties, sports events, etc.

This genre of photography is quite exciting because you get to attend fun events (sometimes not-so-fun events also). Some organizations use their photographs for publicity purposes which ultimately helps in promoting you as a brand. Mumbai is the best place to kick start your career in photography because it is the city that never sleeps. Therefore, there are many event photography jobs in Mumbai for you to explore. 

Wedding Photography

Along the same path of event, photography lies wedding photography. As the name suggests, wedding photography involves capturing weddings. Almost every single person hires a photographer for their wedding. This job is a mix of portrait photography as well as event photography.

Wedding photographers have to be quick on their feet, moving around between venues and capturing the perfect moments. Most of the beginners in photography try to enter this genre because they believe wedding photographers make the most. However, if you are in it just for the money, things will not work out. There is an abundance of wedding photography jobs in Mumbai because it is near many popular destination wedding spots. 

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is done to display different items of fashion by multiple brands. This is one of the more glamorous genres of photography and is mainly done for fashion magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, etc. While every photography job provides you a chance to travel, fashion photography also provides back to back travel opportunities.

Magazines conduct photoshoots in a variety of locations, from city suburbs to tropical islands. Known as the fashion capital of India, there are limitless options for fashion photography jobs in Mumbai.

Travel Photography

Speaking of travel opportunities, Travel photography is that genre that literally pays you to travel. It is essentially a documentation of particular destinations, areas, monuments, etc. Travel photography is a blend of multiple genres which means travel photographers have to carry an extensive knowledge of all kinds of photography genres.

For one destination they can capture people and their lifestyles as well as landscapes and wildlife. Their job is to give their audience a chance to travel to that place without having to physically travel. 

It is difficult to compile a list of all the genres in photography, but these are the top most popular forms of photography jobs. As a beginner, it might be difficult to choose a genre. The best way to find your genre is to try your hands at multiple genres until you find the one that works the best for you. Also, teach yourself the ability to handle any type of camera. Finding your genre doesn’t have to be a tedious task, just have fun and be excellent at what you do.