“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” – Matsuo Basho.

A home isn’t just a word, it is an emotion in many ways. It’s a small world of your own that you create and live in. No matter where and how long you wander to chase those wild dreams or count in all the wonderful things you have achieved.  You just know deep down that nothing is better than going back home to your loved ones, eating good food and relaxing on your bed.

A proud homeowner from Ontario, Canada loved her home more than anything else in the world. But when time demands, she decides to sell her house where she had spent 7 decades of her life. She eventually ends up calling realtors and sisters Carla and Gladys for the same. Just when everything seemed normal, the realtors would soon discover an earth-shattering mystery that lied behind the closed doors of the house located at 148 Jane Street, the likes of which no one had ever seen before. Read further to find out what exactly happened under the four walls of this strange house.

Nothing Odd About 148 Jane Street

House Sale

There was nothing impressive about the home located at 148 Jane street in Toronto, Ontario. One would rather pass by it and not even look as the visual was anything but eye-catching. Moreover, the street had a humdrum existence with similar mediocre structures on both ends, a sight which wasn’t worth mentioning. There were many people who had never seen 148 Jane Street from the inside, but everyone was aware that the people who lived in there had spent a lifetime at the address. Things were going as usual until one day when a pair of real estate agents got a phone call about this property.

The Real Estate Agency

Gladys Spizzirri

It was just another day at work for the realtors, they showed up at their office, browsed through the listings, answered calls and tried to close as many deals with their clients. The agency was owned and governed by two sisters named Carla Spizziri and Gladys. Initially, they followed their own distinct paths before teaming up in 2009 only to realize that they were much better as a team.

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Carla Spizzirri

Both Carla and Gladys were experienced agents. They knew the goods of their profession and were also aware of how to execute them. But no matter how much of an expert one is, the real estate business is as unpredictable as it gets. There are things that will baffle even the most experienced professional leaving them confused, as this day was about to bring such a situation and it would all begin with a phone call.

 Musings Of A Perfect Stranger

Joyce Owner of the House

The phone bell rang which was nothing new for a real estate office, but the person calling would make it remarkable. It was a woman named Joyce, and she had called Carla and Gladys to let them know that she was interested in selling her property. Having said that, there was an unwillingness in her voice or say she didn’t sound much excited about it. However, Joyce didn’t budge and was adamant about selling her home. But she would soon drop a bomb on Carla and Gladys when they least expected it.

Something Hidden

House in Toronto

In a normal situation when people drop a call to a real estate office, they sound optimistic and rather enthusiastic about the change they are bringing forth in their lives, but it didn’t sound to be the case with Joyce. Carla and Gladys were no mind readers but they could sense that the homeowner had something to hide from them. For all they knew at the time was that it could be anything, as there are often reasons associated with a property that can scare off the potential buyers and Joyce might as well had something similar to hide.

The Good Fight

96-Year-Old Woman

While it was likely that Joyce had been hiding something but it wasn’t something as mere as not repairing that broken water pipe in the last moment before you call a realtor. It was a lot more than that. However, Gladys and Carla were confident enough as there was hardly ever a listing that they couldn’t sell and this time won’t be any different. They were all in for this challenge, head to toes, not knowing they were about to encounter something they hadn’t before in their 30 years of career.