There have been many famous discoveries and the name of the people who found those things are to be remembered till eternity. Some of the famous names include Marco Polo, Columbus, and many others but what about the people who stumbled across something astonishing when they were not even looking for it.

There are several people who come across various things that leave everyone in awe but they spend their whole life in anonymity. We are about to bring you some of the people and their finds that are not so popular but are worth having a look at.


Little Shark Tooth

Yes, it’s a shark tooth and we know that it isn’t easy to believe that a small black like bead might belong inside a shark’s mouth. This teeny tooth was found along the Potomac River and along with the discovery of this tooth came several other questions attached to it.

Potomac River

Most prominent questions that were being asked where that whether there are any sharks in the Potomac River. But the question is how a person was able to spot such a tiny little tooth? And I don’t know about you but the moment I saw this the “Baby Shark Song” started playing in my head.

Tiny Crab

Imagine being on a proper date with a beautiful lady and she orders a shellfish on your recommendation. And the moment she opens up the shellfish and finds a crab inside it. I don’t even want to know what her reaction would be and moreover, I don’t want to have a mini heart-attack.

A Great Deal

The best possibility that I can think of how that guy reached there is that it wanted those french fries badly. And because crabs are way too expensive, it isn’t a bad deal to find one unexpectedly. The only thing is that it might not be in an edible form.

Frozen $10

We really should appreciate the guy who was able to spot his frozen 10 dollar bill under the water. And we can assure you that either the person who found it was super broke or that guy has a great sense for locating cash that is lying around.


The guy now would have to find a solution to defrost the bill because we think there is any bank or any store that accepts a frozen bill. I don’t know for sure but an ice-cream parlor would be interested to accept this “cash-icle”.