A kind heart makes an individual even more attractive. A soul filled with compassion and respect for others is invincible even when confronted by hardships. But sometimes your kindness takes you to the places you never expect. Bill Ray, a panhandler helped a woman in getting her ring back not knowing his selfless act was going to affect him. Sometimes, some actions have the most unexpected reactions.

Where Did It Go?

Sarah felt as if her world had come crashing down when she realized that her engagement ring was missing. Her ring was missing from the moment she gave a small gift to a homeless man. She found herself at her wit’s end.  When She Got Her Ring Back from Homeless Person She Did Exactly What Karma Expected

Sarah’s Huge Mistake

Losing your engagement ring is a big blow to anyone. Not only are they close to your heart but also come expensive. The owner of Darling Yoga Studio, Sarah Darling loved her engagement ring made of diamond and losing it was nothing short of a trauma for her. She would never take it off. And now the ring was gone.  

The Ring Finger

For once, the woman took it off her hand as she had injured her finger the day before. She put the ring in her bag for safekeeping until the time her finger heals. She thought her bag would be the safest place for the ring. She felt guilty after taking it off but she had to for its own safety. She couldn’t have been more wrong.   

Helping Others

While heading to work, she passed by a homeless person. The woman thought of giving something to the man. She reached for the loose change in her bag and gave it to the beggar. Thereafter, Sarah kept on walking without giving it a second thought. 

Late Realization

When She Got Her Ring Back from Homeless Person She Did Exactly What Karma Expected

At that time, Sarah could not realize that her ring was missing. It was after some time she learned that her ring was not there in her purse. Sarah recalled, “It was horrible. It was such a feeling of loss. It meant so much to me beyond just the financial value.” 

No Idea

Sarah tried to recall where could have she lost her ring. She suspected that she might have lost her ring while giving some change to the homeless man. She remembered that was the only time she had opened her bag in the entire day. She decided to meet the guy again.