An old lady stepped into a Chinese supermarket to buy stuff. She was completely unaware of the fact that the memory of this normal looking shopping was going to stick with her all her life unfortunately for a scary reason. As usual, she picked up the trolley and started putting stuff in it. Everything was going fine until she headed towards a less-visited aisle. While she was strolling down at the aisle, a box fell down behind her. She ran back to pick it up. Well, that was the biggest mistake she made in her entire life. She shouldn’t have picked up that box. The woman got her life turned upside down only by picking an ordinary-looking box. This extraordinary incident took place in China.    

The Beginning

The old lady loved shopping. It was her favorite pastime. For the past few years, she had been shopping from this Chinese supermarket only. The rates are quite cheap there. Furthermore, the store was not very far from her home. So, it was convenient for her to visit the store every now and then. However, this particular visit was anything but ordinary.