Every day, if we go out, we meet new people. There is always someone new to be met when we step out in public. Whether it is running around, doing errands or on your way to work, the chances of seeing or meeting somebody new is always very high. Sometimes, these new people can be nice while some days we encounter very vile and rude people. You can never be too sure who you will meet. This man in a wheelchair happened to block this lady and how she reacted to him blew him away…

Errands At Walmart


So as we all know, Walmart is the place to go when you need household supplies of any kind. And this lady here needed several items for her home so she went there for a visit. This was just another average trip to Walmart when she spotted a disabled veteran parked in her way. She was not about to go ahead with her day without doing something.

Helping Him

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She waited to see how he was for a while and as she was watching him struggle for some time she knew she had to do something. So she decided then and there to get out of her car and get to the struggling man. She had to help him quickly as she needed to go about her day as well. And what took place after this left the man in complete awe.

This Is Morgan Wheeler


So all the way back in 2015 the young woman named Morgan Wheeler was only a 21-year-old.  She was living and working in the small town of Fayetteville, West Virginia. She considered herself to be a regular person so she never actually thought she would ever experience something worthwhile. But she would soon be the center of a social media sensation after one fateful incident…

Grocery Shopping

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So like most stories that end up becoming notable, the day started quite normal for Megan. But then it soon took social media by storm after Morgan decided to head to Walmart. She needed to get some home supplies there and was not there for any other reason. She just needed to get some grocery shopping done for the week.

Soon After

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And so when she went there as we said, she did not do anything but get groceries. However, as soon as she got out to head back home, she realized that she was blocked in. And she was not even blocked by another car, but in fact, by a wheelchair. She had to wait for the guy in the wheelchair to go past her. But then soon after an incredible incident took place…

The Wheelchair Man

So when she looked at what was blocking her way, she could see a man in a wheelchair behind her. The guy was there right behind Megan’s car and that he was an elderly man. She took a closer look and realized something else. Megan could see that the guy was, in fact, missing a right leg and that he was struggling to push himself across the road.