An Urge To Help

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So when she saw that an elderly man was stuck in his wheelchair right behind her, Megan’s heart broke. She felt terrible for the poor man who could barely wheel himself. He appeared to be trying his best and hurrying up but could not do much. She saw he could not steer his wheelchair through the busy Walmart parking lot so Megan felt the need to do something.

 A Little Compassion

So since Megan could not bear to see the man failing to steer his wheelchair any longer, she hurried out of her car to approach the man. And as soon as the man in the wheelchair noticed that he was blocking Megan’s car, he immediately did something sweet. He apologetically waved in her direction and continued to try and wheel himself away.

Taking Charge

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And so even though he tried hard and did his best, the old man was not having any luck. He was barely moving and Megan could tell that he felt very embarrassed and guilty. The man was having such a difficult time but just then, Megan decided to show true compassion. She made up her mind and decided to wheel the veteran out herself.

 A Helping Hand

So when Megan made up her mind to help, she quickly shifted her car gears and pulled back her car to the parking spot. Then Megan hopped out of her vehicle to get to the struggling man’s location. He was in the wheelchair and showed signs of difficulty in moving across the parking lot. The old man appeared to feel really bad for making her come out…

Introducing Herself

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And so when Megan got to him, she politely walked up to the man and gave an introduction of herself. She did this before offering to help the guy. She felt bad to have rushed the guy and on the other hand, the old man felt bad for taking up so much of her time. The next incident that followed was truly heartwarming and inspiring too.

 Grocery Shopping

And so when she got to him, the man in the wheelchair initially appeared hesitant to accept her help. He spoke to Megan telling her that he would be okay, but she upon seeing him struggle and in that state did not walk away. And so right after, Megan was pushing his wheelchair into Walmart and the two started to shop for groceries.