According to many people, Florida is the best holiday destination to do away with all your stress. Many people fly to the state on a daily basis to get rid of all the tensions burdening them and enjoy their life. However, same can’t be said about one couple that got their sleep-deprived when they hit a thrift store located in the same state. The old couple stepped inside a thrift store to find something to donate but what they found was unexpected. They had no idea that their casual visit into the store would bring a missing part of their past right before them. They learned an unimaginable secret about their son. The woman began to tremble and the man simply refused to believe it.


Let me take you back to the year 1978. Julie along with her family got shifted to Willoughby, Ohio. They had found themselves a perfect home in a peaceful surrounding. Their life was going on just like any other ordinary couple. Their son Christopher had started taking baseball classes. The boy loved sports and so would always participate whenever get the chance. Of all the sports he liked baseball the most. 


Christophers would spend most of his time playing outside with his friends. They would play baseball in the evening. They had even formed a team of themselves. Christopher rose to the fame in his team for hitting most home runs.

Big Family

The Lisis parented three sons. They all were very much into sports from the time of their childhood. They all were involved in one or other type of sports. Their parents were their biggest supporters and they would attend their matches whenever they could.

Celebration Time

Christopher and his team had won a difficult game. Moreover, the boy had hit two home runs and now it was the time to celebrate. The victorious team threw a big celebration for themselves. That day, Christopher stayed all day with her friends and came back home late.

No Reaction

Well, his mother was a bit furious on him for coming so late. She asked him the reason for being so late and he told her everything about the game and celebrations but hid an important detail from her. The woman had sensed it. There was no enthusiasm in his tone.

Not Happy

Even though he had won the game he was not happy. In fact, it seemed as if he was sad. After telling her the details he dashed back to his room and shut it off. The boy did not talk to anyone after that. Julie had sensed something was wrong but the boy did not share anything with her.