The name kids get from their parents build the founding stone of their identity. It’s not just the name appearing in official documents, but an interesting name becomes a good conversation starter and in some cases, a name reflects the personality.

Naming is a tough process. A million sites on the internet are devoted to naming child alphabetically and astrologically. It’s not practically possible to find the names to give but is certainly possible to list the opposite.


We get that you love your children and its a miracle to have them in your life. But others don’t need to know that. Close diversion of this name is ‘Ahmiracle’ and ‘Dmiracle’, these are exactly the same, but with a pinch of exclamation.


Literati parents often find it interesting to name their child on their favorite authors and literary figures. But naming them on tragic ones is a bit of a stretch. Don’t put your baby boy in a philosophical dilemma by naming them Hamlet, Macbeth or Oedipus.


You meant to exhibit your child’s strength with this name; “Strong as a rock”.  Well, millennial terminology sees this differently. Unless you want your kid picked as the first mate to smoke marijuana, you might want to reconsider.


Everyone sees their kid as prettiest being alive. But naming them so is a step too far. Even if the child grows up to a good-looking person, an aura of snob will cling to her.


A beautiful name with beautiful a meaning indeed; one who comforts. The moment this name appears on the register, your child is gonna be the  “butt” of all jokes.


The name has some music to it. But that’s not how introductions will be. Naming your precious after furniture complex isn’t such a good idea.