This couple from Missouri is living a life what others can only dream of. They have no worries in their life now, at least not the financial one. It is not, that they were always like this. Read on to find out what changed their life…

They Had Never Expected This

Mark and Cindy Hill belong to Dearborn, Missouri. They were accustomed to living a quiet life just like any other couple in the town until the day they met with this big surprise of winning the huge lottery. Along with them, the whole town was stupified with this news. The couple had never expected this even in their wildest dream. 

The Famous Family

This newsmaking family consists of Mark, Cindy and their three adult sons with an adopted daughter from China. The girl is just six years old. Whereas Mark used to work as a factory worker, Cindy remained unemployed after leaving her office manager designation in 2010.   

The Sorrowful Past

The couple also has their share of misfortunes. They had no source of income other than Mark’s. The situations sometimes were so grim that they had to worry about their square meals of a day. Though Cinda tried to get a job, the efforts yielded no desirable result as there was the paucity of jobs near her house and she was not willing to go far from her house because of her small daughter.

No Way Out

Cindy had to rack her brain out every day to figure out another way of earning money without having to devote her whole time to that. Despite her constant endeavor, she could not get any job matching her interest. Having no suitable choices around she thought of trying her luck in the lottery.

The Doubtful Decision

The very day she walked up to the local Dearborn gas station and bought herself five tickets for $10. This time the amount of Jackpot accounted for about $587.5 million, a very big amount for any middle-class family. Unsure about her step, she decided not to cherrypick numbers by herself but letting the computer do that. After having the numbers, she went straight back to her home and left the tickets in her car for a whole night.

The Result

Cindy beautifully narrates her conversation with her daughter on the chances of winning the lottery. She said ‘Honey, that probably never happens (people winning).’” But the destiny proved her wrong entirely. The very next day while driving her Six-year-old girl to school, she heard about Missouri having sold a winning ticket. Naturally, the news excited her and she drove right towards a corner store to find out the winner.