Gus Hutt used to go to Matata for fishing on a regular basis. This time he brought along his wife too. However, he had no idea that this one was going to be a very different experience for them. It was early morning, the man was fishing in the sea when he saw a floating doll. The doll seemed so real that he decided to pull it out of the water. He picked it up and kept it in his boat. The man drove the boat ahead for fishing when the doll made a strange noise. He looked back and everything changed.

Gus Hutt

Gus Hutt loved fishing. He would go out on one whenever he would get some free time. So who is his companion in these adventurous journeys? Well, it is his wife. This was not the first time they had come to the sea for fishing. They had been doing this for a long time.

A Mystery In The Water