Pack Forming

Why They Need A PackNow let’s figure out the relevance of their trait. The socializing trait of dogs heavily depends on the hierarchy. If not for hierarchy there could be a lot of confusion among them leading to the chaotic atmosphere. They have one leader among them that leads the pack and guides them in hunting and directs them when to eat. If remains unpracticed, this instinct gets stronger in the minds of the dogs.

It Is Always There

It Starts At The BeginningYou may think that your dog doesn’t have pack-forming instinct, but my friend, this is not true. Every dog is laced with this instinct doesn’t really matter if they are the domestic or wild ones. You might have noticed any random dog rummaging through the trash, why do you think they do this?  To get something to eat? Perhaps yes, but there is more to it. They do this to test their instinct. Likewise, a domestic dog considers his human as his friend like his pack and your house as his territory. You may not believe but this is the fact.

They Show Their Dominance

They're Being DominantThough the reason sounds a bit unconvincing but is actually true. He kicks his paw after pooping to send out the message that he is the leader. Now, the question is how can they convey this powerful message by just kicking at the ground when none of his fellows is around. Well, the answer lies in pheromones.


Release The PheromonesThe paw of dogs retains a hormone called Pheromone. When the dog kicks on the ground, this chemical releases and pushes the smell in the air that carries the message about his dominance. Whichever dog comes across the smell immediately realizes that some other dog has established his supremacy on the territory. The usage of pheromones is not limited to that only, they convey something else too.

Owning A Territory

Spread The ScentThe farther the dirt and grass fly the more it adds to his territory. So after wiping his paw on the soil, he tends to kick the ground hard to expand his region and will prescribe the intruder to enter. But not all the other dogs are tame enough to oblige to that.

Who Is The Best

Commandeering A TerritoryThe theory of Darwin conveying “fittest survive” is well applied here. In order to secure his territory, the dog has to fight the imprudent intruder. If the intruder happens to be more powerful i.e. with stronger pheromones compared to him and he is forced to quit his hegemony over the area. He will discontinue kicking but mnid you, that is not the only reason why they stop kicking. There is much more and the one in next slide is very spooky.